My weekend off turned into

Opps my weekend off turned into a whole week my bad lol. And what a week its been. I spent an amazing weekend with my children. Lately I’ve seen a real shift in our relationship. I feel like my kids are finally proud of me. Like I am of them. I’m going to leave you in suspense and update you all with my 365 days of positives. I’ve got lots more photos to shared. And posts from my past. Really hope you enjoy my up and coming posts. As much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.

Day 140 of 365

Day 140 – my positive I’m feeling really productive at the moment. Lots of little projects on the go. Feel good to have things to do that I had forgotten I enjoyed.

Day 139 of 365

Day 139 – this might be a little funny to some but my positive today is milk. Yip the white stuff that makes my coffee happy. The stuff that’s charged through the roof. Normally its $3:70 for the cheapest 2litre. But was only $2 today. Limit of two per customer. So I walked in and out of that shop four times lol. I was officially a new customer each time. Got it home and filled my freezer.

Its my positive because I’m trying so very hard to get my finances in order and this goes along with baking, cooking and freezing. I maybe broke but everything’s paid.

Very happy :)


What do you feel is your biggest positive trait and negative ???

My positive – I love unconditionally and deeply.

My negative – I give people to many chances at the sake off my own worth