One of my hobbies – cake decorating

Introducing one of my hobbies – cake decorating. I’m still very much a beginner in the decorating world. But I love it. I’m self taught. And just adore people’s reactions when they see what I have created for them. This one I made a month ago for an amazing little man who turned three. Butter cream icing with fondant decorations. Tasting blue vanilla cake. (Not the best photo)


Striving for routine

Hi bloggers world,

As per the title I’m striving for routine in most areas in my life. I’m an all or nothing kind of women. My routine with my children and my household commitments are spot on. But that’s where it ends. My personal life is up and down like a yoyo (thanks bpd).

First on my list is to “write a list” lol.

Time to set some goals, short term (day to day). Medium (for the next year) and long term (things I want to achieve by my 40th, so 10 years).

One of my passions is this blog, so my goal for today is to set some realistic goals for it.

I have alot of pieces I’d love to share. Some current, some old and most will be in random order. I miss being creative. And one thing I know and do well is all things Internet. So time to make the most of my spare time and strengths.

Stay tuned for the new and improved (non lazy) kelzbelzphotography

Day 122 of 365

Day 122 – despite the blistering cold wind (mid winter here) the sky is so clear and blue. Rugging up nice and warm I went to sit at the beach a few minutes wall from my home. Stretching in front of my the beautiful calm sea. Allowing myself the opportunity of calmness, I let my eyes wonder to the snow upon the stunning mountains. I live in such a beautiful place.

Day 121 of 365

Day 121 – I’ve been sitting here for such a long time listening to the waves, trying so hard to find a positive today. Then it dawned on me.

I had a major breakthrough with my children especially my son today. He challenged me to the point off tears last night. Very out of character disrespectful behavior. I tried everything from taking his electronics away to grounding him. Nothing phased him so off to bed two hours early.

Fast forward to this afternoon he gt home from school. I sat him down explained how his actions hurt me, also exactly what I expect from him including changes he needs to make as well as myself and his sister.

Wow I know it’s early days but wow such a huge change. We talked, laughed, had family cuddles. He did his jobs without needed to be ask. He did well. His younger sister followed his lead, no tears or tantrums.

Made me realise maybe, just maybe I’m doing something right.

Love my babies xxx

Sharing the love – take seven

Last but certainly not least we have reached the final list in my “sharing the love” series. Thanks for the ongoing support and love from each and every blogger I’ve been lucky enough to come across in blogging land x

List seven

Day 120 of 365

Day 120 – I love my children more then anything in this world but I’m so very grateful the two week school holidays are over and my darlings are back at school. We’ve had highs and lows. Sickness and laughter. And everything in between. Funny part of me not getting nights off or time off for two weeks by lunchtime time ill be missing them and wishing they were home. Hope they enjoy their space from each other to :)

Sharing the love – take six

List six

Day 119 of 365

Day 119 – time for a better attitude. So my positive for today is recognizing disappointment and sadness of the past few days and letting them go. Allowing myself to feel and move on.