1 driving lesson down 7 to go

Firstly thanks to all your support earlier today. The driving instructor was 15 minutes late. But turned into a blessing. Because I went from extremely anxious to nervous. Didn’t realise I thought I’d signed up to one driving lesson and to sit my licence. Instead I get 8 one hour driving lessons, sit my licence and one resit if I need it (plan on passing the first time lol). Even tho I’ve been driving 14 years. I’ve decided to take all 8. After all its free otherwise it would be $500-$1000 worth. I already think I’m a pretty good driver (others agree lol) but to me it never hurts to learn. So I’ve completed the first. I came away feeling more confident (I don’t like driving with others) and lots of good advice. I feel its another big step I always had a fear of driving not sure why. And now I’ve been given the chance to learn and grow and become a better driver with my full licence.

But after the week of being superwomen (master of multi tasking, being super organised with ocd). Facing fears, challenging myself, pushing my mental limits on very little sleep (my brains being like a pin ball machine not stopping) I’ve realise I’ve pushed a little to much. I’m proud but pleased I’ve realised I need to stop. So tomorrow being Saturday. I’m going to put my feet up, relax with my sexy husband and awesome kids. I’m thinking movie and popcorn, perfect time since its raining and cold.

I’ve been trying to figure out my biggest positive for the week but how can I when despite challenges and some difficult times. My weeks been awesome. I’m truly grateful

15 minutes

At 10.13am I received a text that there had been a cancellation at 11am for a driving lesson before sitting my full drivers licence. I’ve sat on my restricted for 12 years. Omg I’m super scared and nervous even though I know I’m a good driver. Argh  15 minutes to go please wish me luck

A little disappointed

A long side running this blog, which with more then 22,000 followers is awesome, rewarding but full on and time consuming yet worth it. I also run two Facebook business pages, one for my art/zentangle creative side and one for my photography. I’m feeling sadly disappointed because no matter how much networking, work (been a lot of hours lately) and setting up two posts a day. I’m just not getting the reach or interaction on the Facebook pages. I’ve experienced a lull before and know it takes time. Sometimes though it doesn’t feel worth the hours but then I remember why I do it. Because I love it. I enjoy sharing my work. Looking forward to seeing those pesky little stats climbing.


As many of you will know I’ve started studying again. Despite my excitement I had a moment of doubt. Fear of the unknown, having not studied since high school, new people, finding my way around and the actually work. I’d flipped through a few of the books and felt out of my depth even tho its a low level. In new Zealand we have nzqa where we have a record of learning. Finally rung them and set up my account. Flicking through realised I can do this. How I know is because two out of the three books I’ve already done and can cross credit to this course. So after a chuckle to myself I got sorted. today I’m going to school for the first time since I was 16 knowing I got this. I can and will do it. And to really top it off my 7 year old came out and said mummy please shake my hand I want to congratulate you I’m so proud of you.