7 & 13 already going into business

Opinions please. My kids 7 & 13 both want to buy there own cabin rooms and be able to decorate anyway they want when we buy land and build our tiny house. They cost anywhere from $6000-$12000 they would own them not us. So hubby and I said sure. If you want to you have to pay for it yourself (this is a want not need we will of course have rooms for them)

so we’ve encouraged them to come up with a business idea my girl a strawberry biz and my boy a potato biz. We are giving them a business loan that they pay back from their profits. And bank the rest. They’ve also found things they want to sell on trademe towards this so I’m helping them. N so its clear they choosing this not made to.

So do you think its a good thing or bad? I know what I think but curious to others thoughts

Can’t sleep so here’s a few photos I’d like to share

Over a week ago I started experiencing pain in my back, at times spreading to down my leg, numbness and pins n needles. I started with my hot baths, relaxing, extra magnesium supplements etc but nothing helped. My hubby (bless him) has studied in massage, (another reason I married him) so has been regularly trying to help ease my pain. But tonight the pains really bad so I’m wide awake. Since I’ve not shared any for a while. I thought it was about time I shares some photos. Hope you like




Getting creative in the kitchen

With starting our veggie garden and getting chickens. We starting trading for other fresh produce. So far we’ve received a huge range of produce and fruit. He’s some of what we’ve received





Plus a heap of feijoas and walnuts.and rhubarb. The bulk of the walnuts have been shelled and frozen. I decided I need to get creative so

Made the kids a rainbow dinner


And made a heap of preserves. My  favourite that my Nana and mum use to make rhubarb relish. For the first time made mixed berry jam and feijoa jam. The berry was perfect, the feijoa was a bit to thick but the flavour is unbelievable. I made beetroot chutney and feijoa chutney. Next time I won’t have the fejoas so coarse.


Can’t wait for the beetroot to be ready do make more


Also made and froze roast pumpkin soup.

Tomorrow I’m heading out to collect more feijoas. So looking forward to making more jams n relish, lots of fejoas baking. Also got to make the most of the walnuts and what better way then with Afghan bikkies. Plus to make the most of the lemons and limes I’m making lemon honey/curd and old fashion lemonade syrup for a treat for the kids. Plus more pumpkin soup and a potato, leek and bacon soup.

So wifey and domesticated

On a more positive note after my last post

I’ve finally managed to ring  visit all the places I needed to change from my birth name to my married name. Just waiting on my drivers license and bank cards to arrive in the mail. And a few forms to arrive so I can sign them and send them back. I find it odd seeing my new name lol or signing it. I got really confused with what name to use or sign lol. But all sorted now:) and I’m slowly getting use to having a different name from my children. Its a good feeling knowing they’ve accepted it so quickly.

My son also came home with a maths test results. He’d received a merit+ which is one mark off the top which is excellence. He’s also planted all his potatos for his new business venture (he’s a 13 year old computer geek, so yard word is a big thing for him)

My girl has made us proud by completing her reading recovery as at the level she should be for her age. And we went to a mum and daughters workshop at the local hardware store where she built her own wooden planter box and we’re ready to plant her microgreens. She’s also replanted 25 strawberry plants to start her business. A 7 she’s fought hard to stand up to her bullies at school, worked hard to improve all her school work and is motivated to start a business and try new things.

And last but not least my awesome.hubby has enrolled to complete his next level of horticulture diploma.

I’m bursting with pride from all they are achieving

Disowned for getting married

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to become parents! My father has disowned me because I got married. Crazy i know. We had at best a rocky relationship my whole life. End of October last year out of the blue he invited me and my children to a party. I asked if the invite extended to my fiancĂ©. I spoke to my father and said after years of being let down I wasn’t ready for that. But suggested we text and call until I was ready he agreed. Fast forward I heard nothing from him. I stopped in a few times anyways is Christmas day so he could see the kids. His wife each time made me uncomfortable. While telling people I was welcome there I never forgot over hearing a conversation many years ago when I was around 7. That anything and anyone before her was not welcome in their home which she said included me.

Anyways a few days ago my daughter wanted to see her poppa. So we stopped by. She ran ahead inside. Next thing I hear fuck of your not welcome here. My father then stands at the door leans over to my girl who’s 7 and said I want to see you but not your fucken mum. The told me to fuck off I’m not welcome in his home. This was in front of my stepsister her kids n man. They were shocked. I calmly and very confused I told my girl to get in the car. Very loudly she looked at her poppa and said “don’t you disrespect my mum”. We left.

Not longer after my step sister messaged saying sorry, she had blasted him, and she wanting to check we were ok. She said my father didn’t want me in his life because I didn’t tell him I was getting married.

No one knew we pulled the date forward. He knew I was getting married. And he was told the next day that we had been married. And no one was invited.

I’ve calmed abit but I’m baffled to how a father could disown his firstborn and only daughter plus his only blood grandchildren for this reason. After 31 years of heart ache I’ve walked away with my focushigh pity he can’t say the same. I’m grateful that my husband and children and mama 100% backed and supported me. I have made my own family now and their happiness is my focus

Sad part is just before I’d been at my mums looking through hers and my fathers wedding photos she kept for me. I’d taken photos of them so i could have them close. Also on my wedding day I did think of him wishing that things were different so he could’ve been there.

I can understand if he felt hurt or angry. But to be disowned and running the relationship beyond repair I beyond my scope of understanding. Especially since he’d hurt me to many times to count, never apologised yet I always forgave him. Never again will I allow that man to hurt or disrespect me my children. My husband nor will I apologise for being happy or my marriage