You are the perfect stranger

You are the perfect stranger
Yet slowly you turn the pages of your book
A sentence at a time
Then a chapter
Hearing the pages rustle
Under your beautiful fingers
Excites me
Sometimes softly
Sometimes loud
Always powerful
Nothing shocks me
Yet everything surprises me

Fab feb day 27

Fab feb day 27

Well today is day 28 I’ve miss a post or labeled one wrong. I’m proud I’ve completed my Fab feb positive challenge. I’ve discovered so many happy positive things. Now to decide what I’m going to do next month :)
Any ideas :)


Ive been pretty well distracted lately in here. My poor blog has been a bit neglected. Haven’t had a chance to respond to comments so will catch up over the weekend.

My world has been so different this week. I’ve been surrounded by kindness, fun, excitement. Having someone spoiling me is incredible. Its clearly something that’s never happened to me before. I’m loving it. I’m trying not to be scared of the unknown and attention. Trying not to wait for the balloon to pop. The little things are so huge to me. Running me a bath. Foot rubs. Taking me on a date (more on that later). A real date. I’ve not been on a date forever. Beautiful compliments. So much more.

Who knew I’d meet someone who would show me so many firsts. Make me feel special. Like a princess.