I’m blessed

A month into my studies and life’s going from strength to strength.

Firstly my hubby is stePping up so much. He’s been supportive and kind. Super helpful with things around home and especially with the kids. When I’m tired or feeling overwhelmed he’s right there. He’s patient and encouraging me to keep going. 

My babies are growing so fast. They’re both helping around the house. My girl supporting mummies school. My boy letting me teach him what I’m learning in the kitchen. We’re despite me fulltime studying and part-time working gaining our bonds. Not losing like I thought may happen. It feels like we are closer then before.

Normal you might say, the way it should be. But I’ve not experienced this before. My hubby and I aren’t perfect we have our ups and downs. But I’ve never experienced a relationship like it. I’m not use to support, kindness, help and so much love.

I’m blessed and super grateful for my sailor and children

A little Saturday baking

This weekend I decided to get my bake on so it was pastry and desert time for the family.

As with the photos (first attempt at food photography as well) I made it all from scratch excluding the puff pastry.

  • Chocolate eclairs
  • Puff pastry with cream and kiwifruit and some with cinnamon sugar.
  • Puff baskets
  • Cream puffs with chocolate and my berry jam sauces
  • Fill baskets filled with spinach, feta, toms, eggs and chives
  • Chocolate mud mousse
  • And my favourite the pastry rosettes

Can’t wait to find some more time to share heaps more with you all.

Crazy busy but I love it

Haven’t posted for a few weeks the last time I tried I’d written a good post and bam it disappeared. Life’s been crazy between study, home, work, being a mum and wife i can’t wait to share some of what I’ve been up to. But for now the pictures show my very first lemon meringue pie and chocolate eclairs I made. And I will admit they turned out yummy. My hubby reckons my confidence is growing in the kitchen and I have to agree🙂

Week 1 of fulltime study complete :)

I’ve done it week 1 and we all survived. I’m feeling proud. Of myself for starting and managing my anxiety. Of my husband who is really supporting me with study, home and picking kids up. Of my kids for doing their jobs and my girl even made dinner one night.

They’re making it possible. Many will know I have ocd and heck I didn’t vacuum for a week and wow the house didn’t fall apart cause of it. I’ve manage to keep on top of my family, home and me. 

I’m so happy I didn’t give into fear and am doing it. Bettering myself and our family. I’m tired bit excited.

So much to catch up on here

But today some good news. I started my cafe service course, where I not only get my brista (should learn out to spell it haha) food safety, first aid, work experience with awesome chefs, in a commercial kitchen plus my certificate at the end. 

I went in excited but nervous. Progress though I stayed and didn’t once think of backing out. I had everything I needed and was positive. We went through orientation then after our break headed straight to the kitchen and I made these berry white chocolate muffins 

I’m super excited as I’m a hands I learner, I get to learn front of house and back of house, incuding lots of cooking.

Got home and my awesome hubby had picked my girl up. I was able to bring the muffins home and they were so excited for their treat. Sailor described them as beyond amazing n my girl going quiet enjoying them (the girls never quiet lol) my boy arrived home from school and his facial expressions were priceless. 

I cooked a yum dinner and sailor surprised my by doing the dishes, while kids did jobs and I did washing. Its a huge thing while study for me to take care of home my hubby n kids, but the help is mind blowing. Pure team work. And to hear my hubby sayhes proud of me and impressed of me just made my day.

I realised this morning on the way to course that its 14 years ago whilst pregnant at 17 with my son that I promised myself one day I’d study and today I made that dream happen.

Goodbye my superman

​so I found out today my poppa (on fathers) died a week ago and his funeral last Friday (only found out because an aunty on my mums side saw it in the paper). No one told me. It went as far as being hidden from my fathers best friend of 30+ years so I wouldn’t be told. Finally discovered the reason was because I didn’t tell them the date I was getting married only after (none else know because we decided to pull it forward n got married in the courthouse two days later, as we saving for a home n didn’t want the huge cost no one included and no one excluded) so gutted i can’t say goodbye. And nor can my two children. I’m shocked they’re so angry all coz I’m happy. Rung the funeral home he wasn’t buried but was cremated. No where for me to go and say goodbye to our superman

My baby has started a business at 7

And I couldn’t be more proud. My hubby is starting a gardening business and thought be a great idea if my kids started their own to. So my son started potatoes and so yummy had the first lot with dinner. Then he suggested a strawberry business for my girl. So since December last year when she came home with a strawberry plant she’d grown she’s been talking about it. 

Started by selling some of her old toys making $63.50 so we opened her a bank account and started the discussion of adding to the 20 strawberry plants we gifted her. She was very clear she wanted to buy 30 more. So we discussed her waiting for sales for the best deals, investing her money into buying them. Whilst talking about it she started discussing how and where to sell them. She has told everyone she’s come in contact with about it getting promises they’d buy from her come Christmas time. She wants to make a sign and take a table to the beach and sell them also the local market. She wants to sell fresh, strawberry lollies (made in the dehydrator) and strawberry jam. So we said as long as she has the money to buy sugar I’ll help her make it all. 

Today she went to the bank talked to the teller. Saying excuse me may I have my $50 I need to invest in my strawberry business and buy 30 plants. Then went to the local store and brought her babies. Everyone is shocked and excited for her. 

So offically she started “strawberry runners” the name she picked for herself. Never expected her to still want it so bad. Her maths is improving. She’s learning about gardening and how to store food, and cook. She’s learning about money, savings and investing. And most of all her confidence is rapidly climbing. She’s o excited and were all so proud

Follow on from my last post

We had our winz appointment and managed to get our benefit back on and paid. We got a new person while it was a super long appointment he was good. Made sure to get absolutely everything sorted. Getting paid was such a relief. And even better hubby and I supported each other through it. 

As a few know I’m studying atm. I start the next course in less then 2 weeks. Part of getting it paid on student loan you get $1000 course related costs. So now bills are paid etc. I went and purchased a new laptop. Yay for me lol I had a 10″ inch slow netbook for 4 years. Now I have a brand spanking new 15.6inch screen. Upgraded to 4gb ram n 500gb storage. Perfect for study. And to watch movies with my hubby. Only $549 saving a few hundred.

I’m not a material person I don’t spend on myself so I’m feeling like a kid on christmas.