Day 5 – Behind the mask


Day 5 - Behind the mask

This photo is one of my all time favourites. I was taking photos for a friends sons 1st birthday. I watched camera in hand as this little girl looked at the amazing face painted tiger she had just got. I adore her cheeky little look, when she realised I was watching.

One of the reasons I love this photo so much is because for years I lived behind a mask. Showing the world happiness when inside I was suffering. I was a pro, a pro at hiding. Now I’m an open book for the world to see. So introducing the new me without the mask.

Night Kelz

Day 3 – Inspiration




My Late Grandmother!

I didn’t actually take this photo, it was taken by a photography from our local newspaper. It was taken in an art deco style car while on a outing. I did edit this photo though. I did this as despite how sick my nana was her beautiful smile out shone everything else. This its a family favorite 🙂

As I said in an earlier post 6 months ago I was extremely sick and dying. I believe (dont think I’m crazy lol) but my nana and late aunty wouldn’t let me be with them. I woke angry with the them wanting to go. But now I’m so grateful for a second, well in my case 3rd chance at life.

I’ve thought many of times about why I’m still here, what I can do with life, and in my poor me moments I’ve thought to my grandmother. This amazing women gave birth to and raised 10 children, 30+ grandchildren and was lucky to meet many many great-grandchildren. In later life she suffered from parkinson’s disease.

It was enough to drag her down, but even when she could no longer write, or do a crossword. Would forget our names (don’t blame her there were enough to remember) When she was so tired from as we called her dancing (shakes 24/7) she carried on.

So I take inspiration for her when the black cloud arrives. If she could deal with all that and still have a smile, so could I.

My name Kelzbelzphotography comes from her to. See my nickname was Kelly bell and she use to collect bells to.

So thank you nana for giving me the push I needed to finally follow my passion for photography

See ya, Kelz

Day 2 – What do I know about blogging? Nothing!


Day 2 - What do I know about blogging? Nothing!

Yip I had heard about blogging, and to be honest I thought omg how boring, never read a blog, never thought of writing my own blog. Yet here I am.

About a week ago I thought why not I want a blog, it’s not enough that I had started a facebook business page or doing well on instagram, I had to start something new.

So I get on google and check out a few how to write a blog, how to start a successful blog, blah blah blah, top 10 hints and tips, more blah blah blah.

The top bloggers say, you have to be funny, write well, have something to talk about that everyone wants to hear. I had to laugh, I can’t spell, don’t write and funny well when I’ve had a few drinks maybe. And who wants to hear from someone in a place people don’t know about.

BUT … the one thing I do have is PASSION, passion for photography, for beautiful things. Whats your idea of beauty? Mine is stretch marks, mothers carry proudly. Laughter lines and wrinkles showing a persons true path. New colours, the tiny vains in bugs so small you usually wouldn’t see them. The twinkle in my daughters bright blue eyes when she laughs and the deep amazing dimples that show in my sons cheeks when he smiles at me.

Thats my idea of beauty, thats why I’m here, writing this blog, showing the world 365 photos of what I believe is true beauty.

So although I don’t have what the experts say makes a good blogger I’m here to stay

(the photo on this post was taken at night while I was sitting with my camera and try pod capturing the beauty in what was otherwise a sad day, do you love it? do you hate it? comment and let me know)

Night Kelz

(All photos are taken by me and original, copyright to kelzbelzphotograpy)

Day 1 – The beginning of my journey


Day 1 - The beginning of my journey

If you told me six months ago I’d be sitting here writing my first post of my new blog, loving life, passionate about being on this earth, I would have truly laughed in your face and said you were crazy!

Why you ask?

Because I was laying in the hospital, attached to drips dying (so this is a feel sorry for me blog? nope!) I didn’t want to be here, I lost my spark, my will to live.

Fast forward six months …

I’m more alive then I have ever been, I’m happy, I have hopes and dreams and above all else I want to be here.

Part of my recovery was rediscovering the world I lived in and as I’ve always wanted to try my hand at photography, I started. I discovered that by living through the lens, I could see things I never saw before. New colours, new shapes, new experiences.

So I launched


And decided to start this blog “365 days through the lens” To in part show off my photos and in part to experince something new.

I’m a mum, a sister, a daughter, a friend, just a girl from little old New Zealand.

Stay posted to see my favourite photos everyday

Night all Kelz

(All photos are taken by me and are originals Copyright kelzbelzphotography)