Day 20 – Magic happens?


I was walking through town this morning and found this tagged on a construction tempory wall.

I may not agree with tagging however it made me smile. Also a little curious.

Why you ask?

Do you think magic happens if you let it. Is life down to good mangement, chance or luck.

Im in two minds and would love to hear what you think

Day 19 – My wood fairy


Day 19 - My wood fairy

Funny title I know, but let me explain. It was Saturday morning last week. When I opened my eyes and the familiar feeling of dread washed over me. The kinds where all I wanted to do was curl up even tighter in my warm safe bed and ignore the world. Then two darling little children, my children snuck into my room and covered me in kisses and cuddles.
I decided to take one step at a time. Firstly get dressed, open my curtains and see the stunning view of the hills and snow. Then flick my trusted jug on, make a coffee and roll a ciggy. I could start the day. I told myself over and over.
As the day continued the tiredness soared. My old feelings of self-doubt, and poor me set in quickly. Money woes, family pressures, fear of failing. Were all there for the world to see. Depression in the harsh light of day.
My darlings and I decided to go for a drive, yes I soon got sick of this to. So I turned around to head home. Upon pulling up I discovered a huge pile of wood stacked neatly in my carport. I was puzzled but happily surprised. One name came to mind when thinking off where it could’ve come from I’ll call him “B”. I rung my aunty and my mum, they had no idea, I text an amazing supporter of mine. When I realised she was on holiday. Thinking with a smile on my face it had to be “B”. I text and yip I was right. The reply was that should keep you warm once your new fire place is in. So here is my wood fairy.
I sat there thinking, after everything I’ve said and done to this person. They could still put everything aside and help with no strings attached (yip very rare these days). There is still kindness and amazing people in my world.
So thanks to my wood fairy, I was able to see even though times are still tough. Tomorrows a new day, and there’s so much good that I can’t stay low for long.
Till next time

Day 17 – Handsome thinker


Hey everyone, today I’m introducing my son. He’s just asked me to sign him up to start his own blog. Mmmm joys of a 10 year old who is such a thinker. Wanting to design apps, become famous on youtube, run his own business and much more. Such a proud mummy here.

Day 14 – Black


Hi everyone, how are you all this evening?

Me? Not so good. The one thing about depression is if you ignore your warning signs, you can drop mighty fast.

So at this point Im struggling with the angel and devil sitting on my shoulder to find my postives.

Heres to tomorrow being a new day 🙂

Ps the darkness in the photo seems quite fitting

Day 11- Timeless beauty


Introducing my beautiful daughter 🙂 Do you have children? Share is you’d like, my daughter is 4 and my son is 10. Hope your all enjoying your night? As for me I’m enjoying the bliss known as children sleeping.