Day 20 – Magic happens?


I was walking through town this morning and found this tagged on a construction tempory wall.

I may not agree with tagging however it made me smile. Also a little curious.

Why you ask?

Do you think magic happens if you let it. Is life down to good mangement, chance or luck.

Im in two minds and would love to hear what you think

4 thoughts on “Day 20 – Magic happens?

  1. Life comes at you like a trip down a wild uncharted river. Somedays are a lazy drift along on slow moving currents. Other days can be like running the rapids: stressful, fast paced, even dangerous.

    Always there are opportunities on the shore drifting past. Do you ignore them or look wistfully at them as they drift past? Do you paddle to the shore and explore new possibilities?

    Some days you are trapped in a slow stagnant whirlpool. Do you sit and spin or paddle out and ahead?

    Some folks have fancy riverboats, others have rafts. Yet the river and the shore are the same for all.


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