Day 59 – Grieving in silence.


Day 59 - Grieving in silence.

The tears are just sitting there dearing to escape. To start sliding slowly down my already damp cheeks. Threatening to start and never stop. I’m not a crier, in fact I hate crying myself. I feel like its a weakness, like I’ve failed. Grieving my loss is like someone is sitting on my chest, not letting me breath, the pain is describable. I wish I could end the process. To be on the other side. Not fresh in it. I can’t even think clearly to type.

Day 57 – I’m back.


So I’m backkkkk hehe did you miss me? Not so much? Lol I understand 🙂

So much has happened since I last posted. Personal heartache and struggles, to kids birthdays, to me being really ill and least not no access to the internet. I’ve really missed blogging and getting wonderful feedback though.

I have so many photos to share and so much I want to write about.

So please check back.

PS I’m responding to messages tonight so if you think I’ve forgotten you I most definitely haven’t 🙂

Day 52 – Evil happens

So I had an old friend text me last night saying “evil happens when good men do nothing”. I’m not why but its struck a cord with me. Do you agree with the statement?