Day 70 – Lack of faith.

After a lack of faith in myself lately, I’ve decided I need to get my camera out again. No matter what people say or think I need to get back out there. I adore every part of photography. So time to make my little stamp on the world.

Day 69 – Feeling of dread.

Have you ever sat there and out of the blue felt like something bad is going to happen. Your gut and chest physically hurts. And your heart is suddenly fill of overwhelming dread?

At 1:50pm today this feeling over whelmed me. Scared me even. So much so I contacted people close to me to make sure they were ok.

The feelings getting stronger. It feels surreal. So sending positive vibes to the world.

Kelz @ kelzbelzphotography xx

Day 67 – Do you believe …

Question for all you lovely people.

Do you believe in the power of falling in love more then once?


Are you a love for a life time?

I’m the second. To me being “in love” and showing full commitment is for a life time.

Yes loving more then one person but not being “in love”.

What’s your thoughts.

Kelz @ kelzbelzphotography xx

Day 66 – Breaking your kids hearts.


How do you deal with making hard decisions for your kids, where you know it’s right in the long term. But in the here and now it’s going to shatter there little hearts into a million pieces. Where you want and dream for something so badly, but no it’s not going to happen???

Day 65 – Meet the new addition to my family!


Meet the new addition to my family 🙂 Many years ago at high school, I dreamed off joining the photography class, learning to use a film camera and develop the film in a dark room. But being in foster care, I knew I couldn’t afford it. So I kept my dreams  to myself until earlier this year nearly 15 years later. It was a few months before my birthday when my mum arrived with this awesome camera for me. She works as a volunteer at a charity shop. She had found this brand new in the original box for a grand total of $12. I was so happy. It’s a Mitsuba Deluxe Camera TC-5000, focus free 35mm film, zoom type lens, deluxe electronic flash. I can’t wait to get film to go out and take photos. Whilst I love digital, the thought of film brings back my dream.

Day 64 – Honestly confused.



Trying to understand and be non-judgemental, so stop confusing me and be honest with yourself. Believe in yourself, and see what I see. Then you can honestly looking me in the eye.

Day 63 – Blank screen.

Hi everyone,


I’ve been offline quite awhile. I’ve been back on here from time to time, missing writing this blog. But whenever I’ve pulled up a new screen, I’ve just drawn a blank. So much to write, but never the right words. Call it creative block, mind blank or a mind over-flowing with heartache, I want to curl up in a ball and cry or stand at the edge of the lake and scream until no more noise comes out. I want to look at the clouds until the right answers to the painful decisions I have to make. Most of all I don’t want to lose my dreams and hopes for myself and my children. 

Until my creative mind comes back, have a great night.