Day 65 – Meet the new addition to my family!


Meet the new addition to my family 🙂 Many years ago at high school, I dreamed off joining the photography class, learning to use a film camera and develop the film in a dark room. But being in foster care, I knew I couldn’t afford it. So I kept my dreams  to myself until earlier this year nearly 15 years later. It was a few months before my birthday when my mum arrived with this awesome camera for me. She works as a volunteer at a charity shop. She had found this brand new in the original box for a grand total of $12. I was so happy. It’s a Mitsuba Deluxe Camera TC-5000, focus free 35mm film, zoom type lens, deluxe electronic flash. I can’t wait to get film to go out and take photos. Whilst I love digital, the thought of film brings back my dream.


4 thoughts on “Day 65 – Meet the new addition to my family!

  1. Hi I have the same camera ,these will be great cameras for lomography , there are even books written about cheap plastic cameras like the Holga and even odd plastic types like the mitsuba


    • Hi Michael how are you, I have the same camera and to rewind the film just turn the dial towards you towards the grey picture of the two triangles and the picture of the film roll, if the batteries are good the camera will rewind and stop when finished, , these camera are fun to use ,Cheers

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  2. Hi to rewind the film you turn the dial from the off .passed the white camera picture towards the oval marker with the two arrows ,then the camera will start to rewind the film and will stop when finished


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