Check list

Mental birthday party list goes a little like this.

– presents – check
– cake – check
– people coming – check
– kids showered and dressed – check
– camera ready and charged – check

Head off and get to venue

– candles – oh shit and dash to supermarket

Lol lucky I always leave early

What’s one thing you wish people

Would understand about you? The one thing people misunderstand the most?

Mines, I wish people would understand my silence doesn’t mean I don’t care, that angry at them, that I still want them in my life just as much as always. My silence means the I’m using one of my skills I’ve learnt to process and respond not react. That sometimes it’s the best thing in the world because I’m not acting under impulse. It actual means I don’t want to hurt them because I love them.

Day 9 of 365

Day 9 – best moment of today hearing from my best friend that’s he’d past the next stage of his drivers license. It’s such a big deal for him. And I’m so so so very proud of him

What exactly is “freshly pressed” ???

I read a lot lately about bloggers thanking WordPress for putting there post as “freshly pressed”.

Got me curious what is really is and how does one get their post “freshly pressed”?

What a community

I would never have guessed what a community blogging could be. I started this as a way to show my photos, but it has lead into sharing my story, the good, bad and the ugly.

Throughout this journey I’ve come across some interesting people and wonderful story’s.

Some have spoken to me so much it’s inspired me to continue to push forward. Some have made me chuckle (would love to name the blogger but mmm maybe I shouldn’t) this person posts such topics that really get people going. Had what I’d class as an interesting debate and a laugh when the person gives as good as they get.

Really happy I’ve joined such an eye opening place.

Thanks everyone 🙂

It’s a new day

So new attitude. Things came to a head last night, realising that if I don’t sort myself out I am on the path to a depression relapse as I call it. Whilst I’ve been having some amazing times, I have been concentrating on the negative (fears, guilt and shame).

So today I’m going to challenge myself to use as many as my skills from dbt therapy as I can.

First is creating positive experiences. So off to the shop to get everything I need for my daughters 5th birthday cake for her party tomorrow.

Wish me luck everyone for my new day and new attitude 🙂

Happy 5th birthday my darling girl

The day has come for my beautiful girl to turn 5. I love seeing her fiery spirit, amazing blue eyes and her natural flare with anything music. She’s my little drama queen, my creative one. So much love and memories. I’m forever greatful to have given birth to such a wonderful little girl. Mama loves you baby happy birthday 🙂