Doing things a little different

I find myself wondering what to write and have decided to do things a little different this weekend in regards to my blog. I’m going to put posts on hold so that I can concentrate on you, replying to in depth and wonderful comments. Browse your blogs. Try to find a way of saving my favorites so I can keep up with inspiring blogs. So whilst it may look like in disappearing I won’t be. Ill be busy as ever.

Paper dresses

A very fashionable 4-year-old

I was browsing national news website and stumbled across this article. Now I’m not usually one to share articles etc but this one captured my interest. 4 years old and clearly talented.

Copying another blogs idea. Join in

I’m sure bloggers I’ve seen do this wont mind me doing the same idea.

It’s Friday and with my mind blanks I’m going to try the open post. Share with us your blog, Instagram, links to your favorite things etc. so jump on board and let us all see what makes you tick.

Just leave the link in comments for the world to see 🙂

If when you were born

And could say mummy, daddy I want this name …. What would you choose? Or would you want to keep the name you have?

For me had I been a boy I love the name Kori James (if I’d thought of it earlier would’ve name my son this). And being a girl Natalie Kaye (which happens to be my girls name).

It’s just a random thought. I do like my first name but not my middle. Even my mama wishes she gave me a different middle name lol


The pull of isolating myself is strong. Fight and flight on full throttle. Wanting the simple life, no dramas, no back stabbing, no childish antics to contend with. The only way I’ve known how to achieve this is to push people away and hide within myself. My wise mind is screaming don’t do it, whilst my emotional mind is singing do it, just do it. Power struggle of habitual patterns continues.

Inspirational Quote

Beautiful and heartbreaking. This quote is awesome

Urkai Community

I found this quote one morning, shortly after finding out an old friend just said goodbye to her Father, after a long battle with cancer,  she had already buried her baby a year ago, life can be cruel. There is something broad, touching and lovely about it, so I created this on Instagram.

Having gone through loss at a young age, what no one tells you, is through it all, you do find strength figuratively and literally. Hope this inspires someone. For the record, Cancer sucks.

inspiration - Urkai

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