Blogging style ???

I’ve been wondering what exactly is ones blogging style? Blogger’s posting about finding theirs or waiting to find it. My blogging style has been described as interesting. Some saying it’s got them thinking.

So my question fellow bloggers is

What do you think my blogging style is?

And is having a blogging style even important?


12 thoughts on “Blogging style ???

  1. kelzbelzphotography, took your questions seriously and looked over all your posts. I’m not an expert blogger – just started a short time ago – but I know what I like and I like your blog. It gives me hope, so I’d say hopeful is a big part of your style. Your writing brings me joy as do your pictures so I’d say joyful is a style you might want to claim too. Your posts help me to know I’m not alone – you struggle, you hurt, you love and you care – so I’d say the overriding style is acceptance. Thank you, kelzbelzphotography, for blogging for continuing on sharing your journey – reading your blog has inspired me. Keep on writing and taking pictures. Hope we will be able to connect many more times in the future. Your fellow blogger, Melissa Blanchard in Minneapolis Minnesota USA (really is my name – use it to sign my checks, drive my car, and register to vote.


  2. I think one’s style does develop over time. Basically, I think it’s about consistency – not necessarily posting the same way every time, but that readers know what to expect, even if what they expect is… the unexpected (since some blogs are like that and they certainly have an audience).

    For example, I never blog about my daily life, so no one goes to my blog expecting to read about my normal days. Also, I have a few blogs, each with a different purpose. In my software development blog, it’s lots of code snippets and explanations, but never anything about what’s in my military history blog.

    Some blogs are eclectic and personal, dealing with every aspect of someone’s life and those have an audience too.

    So, yeah, you need to ‘find your voice’, but despite my conscious choices about topical consistency in my blog, I don’t know that I’ve ‘found’ mine and, I have to warn you, you don’t find it by looking for it.


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