Tips and tricks in mental health recovery

I thought I’d share just one of my tricks in my recovery and discovery of accepting my mental health as part of my life.

The notepad on my phone.

This little app has calmed me, allowed me to let feelings out. If I want to text someone when I’m angry, hurting, tired, bitchy. I instead turn to the note pad. I can write blog entries when I’m with out Internet.

It has saved me from more heartache, fights, foolishness, rejection and every other feeling under the sun.

What’s one of your little tricks that have helped you???

Day 66 of 365

Day 66 – my positives to be completely honest I don’t know what to write today. Not because I’ve got no positives. But because I’ve got so many. And not enough time to write them all out. But stay tuned for my post later in the day will explain getting my “simple day”.

I’d like to congratulate

I’d like to congratulate the bloggers who can keep up with comments. Reading them, responding, and in a timely fashion.

I don’t know how you do it.

I have a goal of post at least twice a day. Replying to comments. Checking out those who follow my blog and following them back. I like to read others posts, and either liking and or commenting.

But I can’t seem to keep up with replying to comments (doesn’t help when they are hidden in spam or the dash board pending)

So I take my hat of to those who manage to keep up especially those with huge followers

(Ps please don’t stop commenting I’m trying lol)

I can’t win either to fat or to skinny

Leave me alone. When I was fat so many people told me to lose weight it was affecting my health. When I was skinny I got told I looked like a meth addict (I wasn’t) and I looked sick.

Now I’m in between both, 60kgs, 165cms tall and my bmi is about 22. all in the middle if the healthy zones. And I consider myself slim with a mummy tummy.

Yesterday I slipped into my favourite black jeans and a new stunning blue top I was just given. I looked in the mirror and thought wow! For the first time in a long time I felt sexy, beautiful, like a women. As I put on my boots, sprayed myself with my favourite perfume brushed my long dark hair and left it down. I could see how the top hugged me in the right places and hide my tummy. I felt so good.

Then first comment was damn you’ve lost weight again it’s lowest you’ve weight in long time, if you lose any more ill take you to the doctors.

So no matter what I weight it’s all to often negative feedback.

For once let me feel good about myself!!! And leave me alone!!!!

Day 65 of 365

Day 65 – upon waking usually I look in my wardrobe and sigh. Never anything I like. Now I’m not a girly girl I know nothing about fashion, make up or how to match clothes together. But this morning I looked and smiled see all the beautiful clothes my friend just passed onto me, picking a combination she suggested an felt good


Ever so slowly day after day you hammered away. Bit by tiny bit you knocked away pieces if the wall I’d built up around myself. When I added bricks back you painstakingly continued. Your dedication surpassed every expectation. Your tireless quest to support and encourage me even to this day has over taken by far what others have done for me. I’m eternally grateful to have laid eyes on you for without you I would never have started to believe I was worth it.


It’s something I value but struggle with. I want to protect people from the truth but realised a year ago that even if it hurts, it won’t hurt as much as the lies do.

I told you this many times and just recently we had the most open, honest, painful, eye opening conversation. It was hard. But I feel more content in the fact that we told each other what we wanted an needed to. It surprised me. It challenged me.

But must if all it made me love you even more

If I could only do it all over again

If I could only do it all over again.

I’d never take it for granted that your there

I’d make sure to appreciate the little things you did for me.

I’d kiss those beautiful lips of yours more.

I’d make sure not to go to be angry with you.

I’d make sure you knew just how strong and handsome you are.

I’d surprise you.

I’d never stop leaving little trinkets and love notes for you to find.

I’d forever make you your morning coffee.

I’d take more photos of us.

I’d pick my battles.

I’d admit when your right and I’m wrong.

Most of all I’d let my love for you shine so brightly that you never forgot, that you are my best friend, my lover, my companion, my hope, my dreams, my knight in shining armor, MY HERO.

You’d go to sleep every night and wake every morning, knowing that with you I feel complete, safe, happy, loved.

Day 64 of 365

Day 64 – second night with no kids, missed them like crazy but got to hang with my best friend. Felt long over due and much needed to spend time together.