Facebook and why I I can’t stand it

Good old Facebook.

All I hear everyone’s got an account, it’s great, gotta have one.

I agree Facebook can sometimes have a good place in peoples lives. But I see Facebook in a different light. Here’s just a few way I discribe the social media gaint.

Horrible, nasty, bullying, hacking, stalking, suciede, mental health, relationship Distorter, friendship ending. Poison, trigger, self doubt, buying and selling.

I have strong feelings on this one. Once upon a time I was a lover and Facebook addict. I had a number of friends, I ran very successful business from there, brought and sold. I love being able to connect with people. Share my photography.

Little did I know the evil within it was showing me little signs.

I then faced heartache, lose, and bullying.

I signed off. After realising this was a trigger for my mental health and attempts at my own life. I know Facebook itself is a great platform but it’s a humans make it evil.

Fast forward 12 months. Silly me signed back up. I lasted 1 hour before I closed my account. My trigger the main one for relapse in mental health is Facebook. Never again. I value myself more then social media allows.

What are your experiences.


17 thoughts on “Facebook and why I I can’t stand it

  1. Great post. I find that Facebook makes me feel so inadequate in many ways, which is silly. It does me more harm than good yet I still have my account. I don’t know what. I should do what you did!


  2. i use FB. met my wife through FB. i will block/unfriend/report in a split second, if need be. it’s the only way i have to keep up with some people i care about it. having said that, some people have issues with it and i can understand that, too


  3. I enjoyed it for a while, but started bring skeeved out by the way they slid significant privacy changes under the radar. When they started tweaking the heck out of the newsfeed, hiding from me the stories I wanted to see, the end was nigh. Add to these qualms how FB seems to facilitate more talking at than to, and I deactivated (again) five weeks ago. It feels great.


    • Agree with the privacy settings it use to be great. Also with the talking at aspects not talking to. I’m about 6 months with one error of judgement last week signing back up and deleting within an hour. Congrats on 5 weeks πŸ™‚


  4. You are right about humans bring the evil to it. I used to be on it all the time and I still find myself checking it out of habit but I have backed off on my posts and other things. I have learned that people who want to talk to me will talk to me on a daily or weekly basis via phone, text, fb messenger, or snapchat and the rest don’t matter. It has made me see family members and friends in a new light and frankly I would rather I didn’t know some of those things about them so I have learned to unfollow them.


    • Yea I find it very impersonal. I’ve learnt that if I want to see or talk to someone. Ill make the effort. I do wish Facebook had a option to block and never be able to unblock again lol that would solve half my issues with it lol


  5. Nice post and interesting question.
    Yea, love/hate relationship w the ol’ FB, try to share little (not even birthday) n certainly nothing ever of interior substance.
    Then there’s the various intrusive issues. No I don’t wanna play Roller Coaster thank you and how did you know I was looking at hiking boots?. N don’t even gemme started on NSA spying πŸ™‚
    All that said it’s nice too see my families pictures (they all live far away).
    Thanks K


  6. For me, one of the most significant problems that Facebook creates is encouraging people to be self-centered…

    The desires to be “liked” and show off are hugely satisfied by Facebook…Sometimes, it makes me feel that every single person on Facebook want to be a super star…


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