It’s something I value but struggle with. I want to protect people from the truth but realised a year ago that even if it hurts, it won’t hurt as much as the lies do.

I told you this many times and just recently we had the most open, honest, painful, eye opening conversation. It was hard. But I feel more content in the fact that we told each other what we wanted an needed to. It surprised me. It challenged me.

But must if all it made me love you even more

6 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Such an honest account of your experiences. Brief yet engaging, it has been a pleasure to read through this account of your inspiring journey. Keep writing. It is good for you and everyone else.


  2. I shared this with family, really important words. Your honesty is your strength because if we don’t see the real you, we are blocked from responding with what you need and we want to give.


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