I can’t win either to fat or to skinny

Leave me alone. When I was fat so many people told me to lose weight it was affecting my health. When I was skinny I got told I looked like a meth addict (I wasn’t) and I looked sick.

Now I’m in between both, 60kgs, 165cms tall and my bmi is about 22. all in the middle if the healthy zones. And I consider myself slim with a mummy tummy.

Yesterday I slipped into my favourite black jeans and a new stunning blue top I was just given. I looked in the mirror and thought wow! For the first time in a long time I felt sexy, beautiful, like a women. As I put on my boots, sprayed myself with my favourite perfume brushed my long dark hair and left it down. I could see how the top hugged me in the right places and hide my tummy. I felt so good.

Then first comment was damn you’ve lost weight again it’s lowest you’ve weight in long time, if you lose any more ill take you to the doctors.

So no matter what I weight it’s all to often negative feedback.

For once let me feel good about myself!!! And leave me alone!!!!

14 thoughts on “I can’t win either to fat or to skinny

  1. You just cant win with some people! Don’t listen to them they obviously have their own weight issues if they are so hell-bent on telling others what they should look like! As long as you feel good about yourself that’s the only thing that matters. xx


  2. Don’t I know that just too well. 😦 I was told I was too skinny for most of my life. Now that I’ve gained weight, I’m being told I weigh too much. And you know what? I don’t give a damn. I won’t chastise myself to fit somebody else’s idea of how I should look. If you feel sexy the way you are (and given your height and weight I bet you are sexy), then screw everybody else.


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