I’d like to congratulate

I’d like to congratulate the bloggers who can keep up with comments. Reading them, responding, and in a timely fashion.

I don’t know how you do it.

I have a goal of post at least twice a day. Replying to comments. Checking out those who follow my blog and following them back. I like to read others posts, and either liking and or commenting.

But I can’t seem to keep up with replying to comments (doesn’t help when they are hidden in spam or the dash board pending)

So I take my hat of to those who manage to keep up especially those with huge followers

(Ps please don’t stop commenting I’m trying lol)

10 thoughts on “I’d like to congratulate

  1. Initially I thought clicking a like was easier than commenting. I was pretty not sure what to comment and how others would take it. But slowly after going through many wonderful blogs I learnt the beauty and the inspiration a comment gives!! Now I love to give a honest comment on any post I liked!!


  2. Two blog posts per day, this can be tough.
    My goal is to publish approximately 25 posts per month. Two short stories on my other blog.
    Commenting is not always easy. If there are too many similar comments – I often refrain from commenting, and just like the respective comment(s) and the post per se.
    Reading and interacting with your readers is time consuming – and worth the effort.


  3. If I could get three comments on a any given post I would be so happy. I get the likes it or it’s awesome, which is great. I’m not complaining. I just would love to hear from the readers every now and again.. You will get to them and just be happy that they are posting the comments..You’re doing great!! Hugs..


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