Tips and tricks in mental health recovery

I thought I’d share just one of my tricks in my recovery and discovery of accepting my mental health as part of my life.

The notepad on my phone.

This little app has calmed me, allowed me to let feelings out. If I want to text someone when I’m angry, hurting, tired, bitchy. I instead turn to the note pad. I can write blog entries when I’m with out Internet.

It has saved me from more heartache, fights, foolishness, rejection and every other feeling under the sun.

What’s one of your little tricks that have helped you???

15 thoughts on “Tips and tricks in mental health recovery

  1. Writing about it does help. To be honest I had, at one point in my life, the perfect therapist. My insurance changed and she no longer accepts it. She made me cry, and really think about things. My family said I was nuts at first to see her if she made me that upset, but I wouldn’t have been upset if she hadn’t triggered something. And that something, she always took time to work with me on. I’ve had others since then, but no one has been on par with her. I still try to remind myself of all the things she taught me and helped me with. I read a lot of the books she suggested and even bought some copies for myself. Having one person who can help you work on being better, seeing the positive, changing the way you think can be so important. It’s really hard to find the right person though and sometimes you just have to do your best with what you have.


  2. Great idea! That’s why I’m blogging. My problem is disassociation (too much childhood trauma). I’m trying very hard to stay in the moment without running right through it. If that doesn’t work “I clean”.


  3. I, too, have used the Notepad app to kit down thoughts, get them out of my head. Wish I found cleaning therapeutic, my house and it’s inhabitants would welcome fewer dust bunnies.


  4. I’m new to the BPD world…and while I don’t have a therapist yet (in process), I have been reading A LOT. And writing even more. It seriously helps. I use the notepad on my phone too. I even talk to it. That’s a good feature!


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