Bit of bad news

So a few hours ago I needed a major distraction (a broken heart will do that). So cue my wonderful blog.

I opened the app. It shut down. I opened it again. Again it shut down. Its happened before. No to fear. Trustly uninstall and reinstall.

But no, bad news for me. Suddenly wordpress will only allow you to use their app on IOs 7 or above. I have a iphone 3gs awesome phone, but it only runs on IOs 6.1.1. Which means bye bye wordpress.

I can no longer run my blog via my phone. Which is a major issue due to it being device i have avaiable to me at this point in time. Lucky enough my friends letting me use her phone to write this post.

Ive got posts scheduled for next week or so. But otherwise its over and out for kelzbelzphotography. Ill try my best to get back up and running. No promises.

Thanks for all your support. Youll never know just how much it means to me.

House rules

House rules.

I brought these stickers some months ago, it’s been there so long it forgotten about. I love it though and am going to make an effort to read it once a day. It rings true with alot for me. Time to try change things


Day 95 of 365

Day 95 – meet Dom the frog


Starting an uneventful evening, a friend and I heard screaming, the the neighbours boy running covering something with a bucket. The scream was the frog getting attacked by a cat.


Fast forward my son gently holds the frog asking if he could keep it. We toke so many photos (never knew how hard it was to get photos of fast moving frogs) and set it up in a ice cream container outside.


My boy came out with tears I don’t think I should keep it but I do want it to go. Mummy what do I do??? I have him a hug and told him to have a think and we could talk more when he had. Then the frog started screaming, clearly distressed. My boy sadly let the frog go, sobbing in my arms.


I was so proud because even though it was hard for him he did the right thing. I’m raising a good boy

I wish I could

I wish I could understand the inner workings of my mind. To understand the intense need to hide away from the world. I literally am home apart from group therapy once a week and to the supermarket if I have to. The whole time I’m on edge. Edge of what feels like a complete break down. When I’m home I don’t feel the same level of anxiety. Unless I hear a car pull up and then it sky rockets. Part of me hopes someone will knock at my door. But I know they won’t. I enjoy change over of daylight savings. So I can close my house up early. I go to bed when my kids do, laying in my bed for hours trying to figure out how to escape the hell that is my life

Day 94 of 365

Day 94 – I’ve talked lately about the end of my dbt intensive year long group therapy. It’s official today ill step in to the class room for the last time. It’s an incredible feeling, I’m scared to begin the next chapter but excited. Last weeks session I cried because I was informed we finishing an hour early. Normally someone finishes and they get a well done. its changed for me. The last hour they are setting aside for me. It’s my time to shine. To stand tall and proud. To accept that for the first time in my life I started something and finished. No matter how hard, many times wanting to quit, I didn’t. I stayed I learnt, I did it. It was my hard work. My determination.

I succeeded I didn’t fail

Time for a blogging break

Sorry guys time for me to take a break from my blog (you’ll still see posts as I’ve set some up for a few days). I’ve done it with Facebook then with my phone.

I love this blog, and all the interaction with you all. But I need a break before it takes over my life lol I’ve been spending to much time here.

There’s a few negatives to blogging. The lack of Internet I have, it’s costing me so much from my phone plan. So time to give my wallet a break. Then there’s a few bloggers who have gotten under my skin.

I’m a hobby photographer, so I know my works not perfect. English was my worst subject at school so pretty amazing that I can even put words together take make any kind of sense. Some posts had photos which I removed as they were off people close to me and I realised it was best to protect their privacy, and I may double up on a few photos but they are all mine and original.

Well over and out everyone. See ya all in a week