No one can take it away from me :)


A few days ago I was walking along the beach feeling so sad. I turned around and saw my foot prints, deciding to take a photo. My thoughts wondered to him. I wished he was walking beside me, hand in hand like before. I’ve just realised he was. Not in person but he’s always with me, in mind, heart and soul. Our memories are mine to keep, my love for him is allowed in my heart. No matter what happens my lost love you’ll forever be with me, in my past, my current thoughts and my future dreams

4 thoughts on “No one can take it away from me :)

  1. Reminds me of the poem where there’s footsteps in the sand and it goes somewhat like – I looked back on my life and asked God – why when I was at my lowest there’s only one set of footprints? God replied – it was then that I carried you. Kelz my wish and prayer for you is to feel surrounded by love of whatever you believe created the universe – may that positive creative energy continue to lift you up and carry you whenever you feel alone. Peace and my friendship always, Love Missy XXOO


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