Mind full or mindful


I’m on the left trying to get to the right


19 thoughts on “Mind full or mindful

  1. I don’t know if purposeful or coincidental, but the picture is drawn at a perspective that mimics our left and right hemispheres of our brain… I’m very much left-brain heavy (mind full) and am trying to get to the right (mindful) too.


      • I think what helps is narrowing your focus for a little while so that you don’t have room in your mind for all the extraneous things. When people aren’t busy on something it gives them plenty of time to ruminate on troubling things. Do you ever go to YouTube? I like to watch Simon’s Cat–it’s really funny and when I watch it it takes me out of myself for a few glorious minutes.


    • Defintely a challenge to get to. Part if my year long dbt therapy I to teach us to get to it. We call it wise mind. When combine emotional mind and logical mind. For me it’s always a different result. Sometimes easy to get to it other times the challenge is so big I give up


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