Day 106 of 365

Day 106 – it’s a catch 22 today. Positive I sold my car, no more risk of driving an illegal car. Negative only got few hundred and I’m car less but that’s a how other post


I no longer believe in promises, nor do i make them. Even though promises are generally made with the best of intentions and words spoken at the time true. They are very rarely kept and words not turned to actions.

Day 103 of 365

Day 103 – quite a few positives mixed in the hard times at the moment. The first that came to mind is giving up hope of my old relationship. As hard as its been and times of extreme lows. I proud i made the decision to 100% end it. Love is still there but have come to realise that while i still care, im emotionally moving on. Shocked it is happening fast but believe ive been preparing myself the past year. Im proud and feel strong