Little bit of good

A friends leant me am old android phone till I can save to get an iPhone 4S or something. It’s really slow but means I’m here for bit longer. Cheers guys


5 thoughts on “Little bit of good

  1. I would highly recommend getting HTC One over iPhone. I switched from iPhone to HTC and I am loving it. Just a suggestion. 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Melissa Blanchard Book Corner and commented:
    Hi All blog followers – help me figure out a way we could all donate to Kelz getting a new cell phone – there’s got to be a way to promote this fantastic blogger. What can we do – I’ll help organize – just need to know best way to go about it. Thanks in advance for your help and comments. Peace – Melissa.


  3. Reblogged, Kelz for my followers to help me figure out a way we can promote your great blogging skills by donating toward getting you a new iPhone or equivalent. I’ll keep you posted on what we come up with. You are a gifted blogger, Kelz Hang on we’ll find a way – my Mom always said where there’s a will there’s a way. Love, Missy.


  4. – Kelz’s this website link might be what you’re needing – a way to fund your creative endeavor from the people that enjoy your product – in your case your blog posts – writing and photography check it out see what you think. On a related note – I didn’t check to see if the HTC phone has a personal hotspot (wifi for other devices) but that’s one of the great features available on iPhone 5 – I’ll check out the features on HTC – but if you ever get a used laptop you’ll need a way to connect up with the wifi either an internet provider or hotspot from a cell phone. Love, Missy XXOO keep the faith – we’ll find a way:)


  5. I’m due for updates on my iPhone to keep my wordpress up to date, so I can totally relate. I don’t do all the iOS updates like I should because I get lazy about deleting photos and use up almost all of my 32 GB on photos. There may be free iPhone upgrade options for you. I have AT&T and they’ve added the next plan (a monthly fee about $5-$15) and the upgrade options sound good – no interest 🙂 I don’t think I can ever go back to another phone now. I’m on my 2nd iPhone and ready for my 3rd. Having a son with special needs, nothing compares to the iPhone for accessibility options!


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