Bio oil review – scar challenge – week 1

This post contains photos of a sensitive nature. They contain photos of my healed self harm scars. Post will fully explain


Now where to begin. A few weeks back I had an idea for self-acceptance through a product review. As many who have read my blog will know I’m a recovering self-harmer. My tool of choice was a blade, cutting was my addiction. Since I last cut 14 months ago I’ve struggled to accept my now 100 plus scars. These were mainly on my legs starting just above my knees. I’ve not worn skirts, shorts etc for the fear of them being seen. Essentially people judging. The only person to see them was the person I was romantic with. Friends have seen the very bottoms of them. Now I share them with the world.

I’ve felt fear, shame, guilt, anger, disgust and many more emotions. So why now? Why here? Just why?

Because its time I accept my past, present and future. Hiding hasn’t worked. I’d love to rid myself of this scars, lessen them at the least accept them. Which brings me to my review.

The product being bio oil.

You may of heard of it or may have not. Some say it doesn’t work others swear by this miracle oil. Made to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

My goal to rub this in to my scared body 3 times a day until the bottle runs out. To blog with updates on what it’s like to use, how it feels, if it works.

I feel the best judge will be photos. At the beginning which are in this post and until the end.

So here’s to fighting the fear of others judgements.

I officially begin the review 🙂





108 thoughts on “Bio oil review – scar challenge – week 1

  1. Thank you for the like. It has been said that we all carry our own scars, whether visible or not. It is fantastic to see the courage you show to post your visible recovery. Reading through all of the replies, you have many supporters. You now have another. Continue to believe in yourself and keep all of us in your heart as we recover from our daily struggles. Bob

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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. I can relate to this. I have BPD and in my twenties I self-harmed also. I have a small highway of scars on my arms and one major one on my leg. I know what it is like to feel life so stagnant and dull, to feel the exacerbation and the need to bleed out.


  3. Wow!! I admire your boldness in putting yourself out there! Life and recovery is such a process, a daily battle. Many of those trite little cliches are true, it IS one day at a time!! May God bless you as you press on!!


  4. thank you so much for the like on my blog. i admire your courage and clarity! also, you might try some helichrysum essential oil on your skin- it’s a bit spendy but a little goes a long way and it is a miracle worker on skin and scars…so is spikenard essential oil. all the best to you!!!!!


  5. As the tear swells in my eyes, I notice the recognition of my self. Not physically scared but emotionally and mentally. It takes great strength and courage to embrace one’s past with acceptance and a hope of a brighter future. May you continue to grow strong on this path called “life.”


  6. Dear Kelzbelz,
    I have used this product and it does do a great job. I pray that this exercise will heal you body and soul. No matter what your testimony is so important and you never know who is going to benefit from your experience. May you be blessed abundantly.


  7. I’m thankful for your bravery… shame isn’t something you or anyone else in this situation should be made to feel. You were coping in your own way. Clearly you are in a better place now and in search of healing on the outside bad well as inside…How could anyone judge you for growing stronger? Here are some other natural and inexpensive ways to reduce the appearance of scarring. . and thank you for the like on my page… you are in my thoughts 🙂


  8. I felt love and courage looking at your scars. They are like the tattoos i have and the pregnancy stretch marks and also the long scar from giving birth to my son. We might have different kinds of scars, and we have different reasons for having them, we might also endured different pains and regret through them, but we all come out as survivors in the end. These scars we have are like medals from a war we have fought and survived. I salute you. And thank you for reminding me how human we all are.

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  9. I have never been a cutter, by the grace of goddess, for I have had borderline personality disorder as many cutters do. Instead, I am fat. I am still fat but I now weight about 120 pounds less than my all time high. Even at my highest weight, I regularly swam laps. At a private club back when I was a lot more prosperous than nowadays. Often kids would remark aloud, saying things like “Look mommy, she is fat” and the mother would hush the kid. I would tell the mother it was okay, that I was fat and I would much prefer she tell her kid matter of factly that yes, some people are fat and that’s okay instead of shushing him, which shamed my fat and kinda shamed him for noticing it. I was fat. I was accepting it and I thought it good for kids to accept me without judgment. Fat has powerful stigma, esp. on females.

    I have had friends who are cutters, some hide their scars and others ignore them, displaying them or not, depending on what they feel like wearing.

    Your scars are badges of healing, not scars of failures, not if you have stopped. love yourself and reveal your scars with pride.

    I no longer consider myself borderline but I did for a long time. I was very open about it, told everyone, although not always instantly upon first meeting. I reasoned that if I were open, it would help destigmatize mental health challenges. here’s my longwinded point: being open about being an imperfect human, and all humans are imperfect (some just hide their flaws better than others) cuts the wheat from the chaff. If you reveal your scars, anyone worth having in your life will respond positively, with love and care and like and compassion. And anyone who doesn’t respond that way, let them go.

    Love yourself and love will come to you and acceptance of your scars. I promise.

    You have nothing to be ashamed or fearful of. You are human. You made human imperfect choices. Now you are making new ones. Let go of stigma. Love love love yourself and others will too.

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  10. I never used to cut myself but there were some days where I would just hold the razor in my hand and sit there. You’re so brave to do this. I hope you’ve made peace with yourself and I hope the Bio Oil works for you. It didn’t help me with my scars but then again I have very sensitive skin so I got really disgusting acne. But more power to you and thanks for following my blog Means so much to me!


  11. I would be really interested to see how you got on with this, I’ve heard good things about Bio Oil too! It’s a messy, hard, road you’re on, but it’s a very brave one. Good luck 🙂


  12. Hey! I am visiting your blog because you liked one of mine. Listen honey, why do you hurt yourself! Don’t you know how much God loves you? Don’t you realize how much he values you? I would like to share my testimony with you; please read it and I hope it helps you. I will be praying for you every day. I care!
    Contact me if you would like to talk some more.

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  13. Hey, I didn’t know this existed until a couple of years ago. A girl at our church, for no reason, came to us one day and just said she needed help. I guess because she knew our daughter a little. She stayed at our house for awhile. Finally she showed us the razor blades then thew them away. Now she is in college and engaged.
    I hope things work out. I’ll pray for you. That’s what helped me; prayer. Thank you for reading my blog. It took me awhile to decide to wrIte it.

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  14. It always helps to talk to someone and so I am following you so you can add me to your list of listeners. I also want to thank you for liking my post, “A Fairy Tale gone Bad.”
    Thanks and Aloha-pjs/

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  15. So proud of you for sharing this. Exposing yourself is hard to do. Then you find acceptance because you are being real. It will give you strength and acceptance of who you are. You are worth it!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work.
    I want to thank you for liking one of my blog posts. its an honor 🙂

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  16. So I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and found my first red stretch mark on my stomach two weeks ago even after using bio oil and stretch make creams from Maternity shops! Now this freaked me out so I decided it was time to splurge a little on a product that might help. I have been using the Somaluxe Stretch Mark Treatment for two weeks now and honestly I love Somaluxe, my stretch mark is not “gone” and it never will be but I can hardly see it!
    it has gone from being a bright red very noticeable mark to purple then to white and now it practically blends in with my skin tone!


  17. Congratulations on your courage. It’s so much work keeping things secret and in the dark. I hope you feel a sense of relief at bringing your scars to light, so to speak.
    (thanks for liking my blog this morning!)

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  18. Hi, Kelzbelz,
    Wow, cool name. I wish you the best with that bio oil; I have to tell you though, when I clicked on it I thought it was “big” and that I would see a rant on “big” oil, but I guess enough people are ranting at “big” oil. You and I have more important things to write about.
    Thank you for following my blog, and I would like to let you know that “The Light at the End of the Tunnel” is a free Amazon download right now, and you can read it on most any device. If you think you might like to read it, you should get it now and save till later. Here’s the link:
    As for your past “cutting” I wish you the very best with that. I too have a past. I got so depressed one time (over a period of two years) that I made a sincere attempt at suicide. I was lucky to survive. That was 40 years ago, and that one time was enough.
    Again, Best Wishes, and thank you,
    James W. Nelson
    BTW, I looked at your photography too–Beautiful work!


  19. No one finds the scars as beautiful as those who have their own. Pain is felt and endured by so many. Allowing vulnerability and sharing your personal pain is an amazing way of showing love and acceptance – and it’s an amazing way to receive it as well!


  20. I’m praying for you that your treatments will be successful and you will love yourself as the beautiful person you are.
    Thanks for liking my post.


  21. Good for you…you are with friends – faceless friends but still friends… – no reason to be ashamed, I believe the first step to healing any issue in our lives, is owning it and stating it out loud…honey that’s just what you did….so proud of you…and very brave….your still beautiful and should never think less of yourself for this….glad you found a good oil….I would recommend aloe vera plant mixed with vitamin E and a small amount of fresh lemon squeezed in….all three are healers for the skin….and you can buy aloe vera 99% at a health food store….I would use this inbetween the oil….just my opinion….but couldn’t be prouder of you…….kathy.


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  23. So many people care about you; it also takes great courage to share so openly. Please be good to yourself and keep taking baby steps to regain a positive image of your worth.


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