Day 111 f 365

Day 111 – it’s an big emotional milestone for me today. My journey to recovery has reached it’s final phase. I just finished my therapy session. Now my therapist is away for six weeks. No fill in at all. I’m flying solo for the first time in 16 months. Ill meet with my therapist when she returns to see my progress. All going to plan ill be signed off from mental health services by 1st of September.

I’m overwhelmed to have reached this point. I’m feeling a flood of emotions. I know she’s my therapist but I’m going to miss her. Never have I had a person I could open up to truly and whole heartedley. This women saved my life. She has helped me see I’m worth it. That I’m strong. She made me see how I made so many changes, that I worked so hard to get well.

She showed me I could be proud of myself. Wow the tears are flowing now. I will forever be grateful for her. That she saw me so very broken and helped me discover the real happy me.

Day 110 of 365

Day 110 – rediscovering the world of friendships. Reconnected with a wonderful man that I’ve not seen in a year. We meet 16 years ago and had a firm friendship since. No matter our distance we still connect like we had seen each other the day before. Can only be described as magically.

Better late then never

Letting go of expectations of other people. It’s Mother’s Day and I’m sad. No breakfast in bed, no card. My five year old is to young to remember and my son doesn’t know what to do. The normal is either my ex or my mother taking them to get me a little gift and helping them with the day. I usually make a big cake for my mum and now ex mum n law. This year there’s nothing. My mothers not talking to me and being an ex I can’t go and see my ex mum in law. I have a present for them both even though one won’t ever get it.

Mother’s Day means alot to me. I make such a huge deal out of it. I’m just sad. No one bothered to help my kids with it and especially my son is unhappy. I have to drop the expectation that people will step up. Actions well lack of actions speaks volumes. Sometimes life is just cruel and unfair.

Sharing the love – take one

Introducing something new on my blog. I have have many awesome bloggers following me. I as enjoy interacting with others. So sharing the love, is basically me sharing bloggers who I enjoy reading, ones who have supported me heaps. There in no order and even though I’d like to share everyone’s, having 4500+ followers it’ll be a little hard. So here’s the first five of the 30 I’ve picked.

Feel free to add your favs in the comments etc

Take one