Suicide and the media

Suicide has been in the media a lot lately. I had been planning on writing this post and publishing it a few weeks ago. But felt insensitive doing so. But to me it’s important. I have had a aunty pass away from this. I myself have had two serious attempts. Also due to therapy, I know many who have either attempted or succeeded. One thing with the media lately, it’s at times saddened me, disappointed me or plain sent me into a rage. Can’t people just show a little restraint? Common curtsey? A person died, he was an actor. We may have grown up with his movies, respected him. But we only knew what he wanted the world to know. We didn’t know the person, we knew the actor/public figure. I’ve seen photographs weather real or not, that has disgusted me beyond belief, no one should be seeing the photos of the scene of someones body. What about his family. Would he want everyone talking, judging, pretending to know him. Suicide is such a personal thing. Yes it  needs to be talked about, but how far is to far. Argh I just wish people would stop talking about him and just let him rest. Let his family grieve.


Since I don’t have a car, I either walk everywhere or take public transport. I mostly enjoy this, the bus route goes along the beach front and it give me time to just stop and breathe. I usually have my music playing and just zone. But I’ve found some real disadvantages that are frustrating the heck out of me. There’s a creepy old guy on the bus most times I catch it. No matter where he’s sitting, he will move seats to sit closer to me, trying to talk etc. Normally I wouldn’t worry about it. But I’m getting a really bad gut feeling. To the point I may have to talk to the driver. Another frustrating thing. Because I’m wearing head phones with music playing I don’t hear people talking to me. I’ve had more than a few people getting angry because I’m “ignoring” them. Is it too much to ask to be left alone. As a smoker I’ve also been asked constantly for smokes. Also for spare change to pay for others on the bus. I’m a low income person with two kids, I won’t give smokes nor money away to random bus stop strangers. Maybe I’m being too harsh, but I would never be so rude. Would you feel frustrated if it was happening to you? Or am I over reacting?

Day 147 of 365

Day 147 – I made it through my step sons birthday without losing the plot or contacting his father. Really hard as I wanted to wish him a happy birthday but the right thing by him, myself and all the kids.

Product reviewing

I’ve touched on this in the past. But I’ve started product testing/trailing/reviewing. I’m finding it fun to get my opinion out there in a non-threatening manner. I have one site in particular. I get to anonymously  review items, comment on forums, and best of all get to try free products. I love that I’m getting to pamper myself for free. Also try food products that I’d normally never buy. It’s opened my eyes to new products and happy times. Who here does this type of thing? Do you enjoy it as much as I?


I’m on a few sites for sharing my photography. Firstly my wonderful blog but also my Instagram account #kelzbelzphotography. Like my blog, I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved on there. I’m so close to 10,000 followers. I get on average between 200 and 550 likes per photo and quite a few comments. I enjoy the simplistic nature of Instagram. Just all being about the photographs. Also keeps me busy therefore keeping me out of trouble lol J