I’m leaving it all undone


I’m leaving things undone today. Not matter how much my mind is urging me to clean and work. I must let my body recover. Im nothing to myself or my children, if I’m physically and mentally drained.

30 thoughts on “I’m leaving it all undone

      • Not a problem, hon! I look forward to your posts in my feed. They are often accompanied by beautiful images and even when they aren’t I enjoy your writing style. I am glad you are feeling better.


      • I spent most of today sleeping and reading. To-do list be damned. I’ll probably be a maniac tomorrow, trying to “get stuff done”, but for now, my dishes are dirty, my apartment a mess, my laundry unfolded, my homework unfinished, my blog unwritten, and I’m very happy.


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  3. Given my OCD nature and absolute need for order my psych doc challenged me several years ago to let go of my need to match and fold my husband’s socks….for someone who seeks order this is no easy feat. LOL …. yet I met his challenge and just threw the socks in the drawer and closed it as fast as I could….needless to say my now ex-husband didn’t know what had come over me but accepted it…since I started my blog I have created my own challenge which absolutely drives me mad but it is an exercise in not letting my OCD control me….that challenge consists of letting my typos go…once I publish a post I read it and always find something like an omitted word but I refuse to correct it … this is hard but for some odd reason I am rather proud of letting my imperfection show….it is ok…the world is not going to end because socks are not matched and folded nor will it end due to grammatical errors and omitted words….nor will it end if the dishes remain in the sink until tomorrow πŸ˜€

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    • Thanks so much for commenting and sharing. Ocd is a challenge on the best of days. but learning to let go of even the little things much a huge change for the better. I fully understand alot off your post. thanks for inspiring me


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