I’ve done it I’ve achieved

I’ve done it I’ve achieved what I once truly believed was unachievable. I’ve just be completely signed off mental health services. No more doctors.

To think coming up two years ago, all I could see was wanting to die. I tried twice, but here I am. On top of the world. I worked so hard and I’ve done it.

I’m going to go have a glass of bubbles to celebrate my success.

Wow I’ve actually done it. I survived death and now love myself and can see I’m worth it. I have hopes and dreams. I have a strength I never knew was possible to posess. Damn the emotion running through me is so powerful right now.



56 thoughts on “I’ve done it I’ve achieved

  1. Congratulations! the journey never ends but as time goes by we can look back on the things we’ve struggled with or question and see what we learned from them. Any ways drink a little, eat some chocolate, and smile lots.

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  2. YOU RULE! I’m so happy to read your post. I know I don’t get to read too many. I had a hard summer and this July was THE hardest, most stressful month of my life. And I got through it, with my sons, with the skin on our backs just barely, but we made it. I thought I was going to die — it was that bad. And I got through it without a drug in my body — prescription or recreational — and though there were times I wanted to just vanish into myself, I have kids and couldn’t even if I had a real choice. God bless you — I’m excited for you! We need to stay present because life is worth living, worth the experience, and your post gives hope to others that yeah, it’s not always going to be easy but it is the life that belongs to US.

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