Sometimes it just makes me so

Sometimes it just makes me angry to see such young people die of cancer. 25 years old – surviver. 63 – fight for his life. 60 – terminal. 52 – just passed away. I just don’t get it. I firmly believe when its your time, its your time. But still just pisses me off that despite advances in the medical world, so many still have to die. Argh I hate being frustrated with something in life I have no control over. To those whom have lost someone, supporting someone, or has cancer. My thoughts are with you right now.

54 thoughts on “Sometimes it just makes me so

  1. My baby brother died a year ago from cancer at the age of 48. He had it when he was 21 and it came back. He took it better than I did, better than anyone in our family and was the bravest man I have ever been around. It made me so mad that he had to go through all of that twice!

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  2. my Wife is just 40 years old, never smoked,drank or did drugs a day in her life, she is battling stage 4 (end stage) lung cancer, a rare cancer at that, it pisses me off that I can do very little except be there at her side. I watch her suffer and it breaks me down , but I have to put a brave front on for her and our 13 year old son.

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  3. I’m a cancer survivor, so I can only say I am thankful every day I wake up and see the sunrise. The world only moves forward; cancer, along with other horrors like car crashes and natural disasters, take people from us every day. And all the tears in the world won’t stop it. Don’t be sad — go hug a baby or a friend or a puppy. Watch the sunset, swing on a swing. Let the breeze blow around you. That’s the best we can do. And that isn’t half bad.

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  4. That is heartfelt and very moving x the last sentence moved me to tears as it is the middle of the night here and I am awake. I look after my hubby who is on chemotherapy and dialysis and I often feel very alone. No one knows how it feels unless they have been through it, but your beautiful sentiment made me feel less alone and better. Thank you x

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  5. I had thyroid cancer (considered “the good cancer”) a few years ago and my dad — a guy who eats kale and the right kid of fish for breakfast and exercises every day —- recently underwent 8 weeks of radiation for prostate cancer. My friend died of it in December. Another continues to struggle with breast cancer. It’s everywhere.

    But I told by dad before he began treatment, and I’m still not sure where it came from (but it still feels right): “I know it’s scary, but try not to be horrified.”

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  6. I have had several family members and friends die of cancer and I agree that there is a lot of anger in me with regard to this disease. It is the way it eats away at these people both physically and mentally until near the end you pray for a swift end to their suffering. How horrible to pray for someone’s death and how guilty it makes one feel?

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  7. Sad. I always think of my friend, Leah. She was pure, never did any substance and lived a life of service, Was an ARNP. But died of tongue cancer, which claimed her so fast… we couldn’t cope. I pray they find a way to stop this malady.

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  8. It frightens me and pisses me off in equal measures. My dad died of cancer, among other things. He wasn’t afraid of dying or pissed-off that he had it. The only thing that worried him was that my mum would be left on her own. Which i promised him she wouldn’t. And she isn’t (as long as there is breath in my lungs, she won’t be). Life is hard, but it’s so beautiful too. Keep loving and keep laughing I guess. I really liked your post. x

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      • No worries. I am just really grateful that you’ve put your two cents on this matter. Not all people would react the way you do. Some don’t even care. Again, thank you.


  9. My dad died 2 years ago from a brain tumour aged 63. Too young and he missed the birth of my son just a couple of months later. It’s so evil, there was absolutely nothing they could do for him 😦 my thoughts are also with anyone going through it right now.


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