My first prints

For the first time since I started photography, I finally went and got some off them printed. So exciting to see them in print. Some were cropped which I was not impressed by, however was a great learning curve, as the guy at the store explaining why they cropped and what I could do to change it. While I was looking through the photos, one of the other guys in the department came over. Asking if he could take a look as the colours caught his eye from across the room!!!! Quite the chatty store assistant was incredible to talk to. He asked how long I’d been taking photos for, what camera I use etc. He was shocked when I told him just over a year and my trusty $80 Samsung. He goes “well I’ve been a photographer for 45 plus years, please keep taking photos. He sang my praises, I was pretty speechless (like I am on here when my wonderful followers give me such compliments). He said “you’ve got the eye for this, contrast, colours, close-ups”. And how much my passion shows in my prints and my eyes when I was looking over them. I’m blown away just blown away. Argh maybe I can make this dream come true after all šŸ™‚

29 thoughts on “My first prints

  1. Your photo’s are awesome, and no mistake. You made me realise that I have neglected the lens in recent years, so I am pushing myself, to get back into it by blogging about it here.

    I have just set up and posted my first blog, showing some of my works from the past that still have a grip on me. Hope you can take the time to have a look. Hope you like.

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  2. It is really thrilling to see them printed off, somehow it makes them more official! Your photos are beautiful, and it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you use, its the skill of the photographer that makes the photo, not the camera. Congrats šŸ™‚

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