Day 194 of 365

Day 194 – awhile back I’d posted that I’d finally got a washing machine after 6 weeks of hand washing. Well it feel through. Fast forward to hand washing nearly four months. I have finally got a brand spanking new washing machine. Isn’t it just beautiful! So sparkling and white. Ive never had a new one before. And i never knew id get so excited over one lol It works and I’m a happy lady :):):)



10 thoughts on “Day 194 of 365

  1. Is that one of those small washing machines that only does a few items? I’m not putting it down, I had one that only did tiny loads, like 2 pairs of pants and a shirt. I tell you though it made a big difference in my life! I had to hide it as I wasn’t suppose to have it in my apartment but it hooked up to the kitchen sink and was small enough to stick in a corner and drape clothes over it so no one really saw it. Congratulations!


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