Ok so I can admit it

Ok so I can admit it my moods have been lower this past few weeks. But there are many silver linings. For one my house looks amazing even cleaned out big freezer n oven. Sorted and listed a few hundred items on trade me making me some nice picket money. I’m signed out of mental health. Spent amazing times with my children. I’ve dealt with a lot of high highs and low lows these past few weeks. But not once did I fear the depression would rear its ugly head. I didn’t think about cutting nor attempting. I didn’t isolate myself. I dealt with big issues in the “normal” productive way. I battled them head on instead of avoiding. And I’m proud


18 thoughts on “Ok so I can admit it

  1. I feel you.. its a damn up and down world being so in touch with humanity and emotions… but you just got to keep going. Keep surrounding yourself with people that lift you up and elimating those that bring you down. Love yourself and try to find good in the everyday. If your really lucky, the pile of the right people you enlisted yourself to help at a moments notice will overtake the time you could be spending depressed. I only speak from experience. So know that I know where you are at, and where you can be.


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