Day 197 of 65

Day 197 – peace n quiet. I had a whole day of visitors (most I didn’t particularly want to see). Today its how I prefer it. Just me while kids are at school


7 thoughts on “Day 197 of 65

  1. Sometimes I long for days like this. It won’t happen until I can retire (at which point both of my kids will be – theoretically – out and on their own). I enjoy time to myself, but I’m also afraid of wishing away the busy, crazy, even unhappy times with them. Afraid I’ll miss it when it’s not mine to “enjoy” anymore.

    I guess that’s the conundrum of life. And it just goes to show that variety is good, and having some of everything keeps it all in perspective. 🙂


  2. I’m having one of those days right this moment; it’s our Environmental day in Nigeria (every last Saturday of the month). No vehicular movement is permitted up until 10am (unless of course it’s an emergency where you’re rushing off to hospital have a child delivery or something). Enjoy!


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