Blog milestone

After being told by others I brag etc I wasn’t going to post about this. I reached a blog milestone and I let it slide. But now I’m not. I’ve realised I’m allowed to be happy with positive things I’ve worked hard on. I’d reached 10,000 followers. Now at 11,111 follower on this blog that I thought would go nowhere. I thought hey I failed most things I gave up. But here I am achieving sometime I’ve put my blood sweat and tears into. So if this is considered bragging I’m going to keep going 🙂


57 thoughts on “Blog milestone

  1. congrats girl… you have every reason to be proud of yourself… I wrote a post when I got my first follower… I’m a newbie and was and still so announce it to the world…


  2. Congratulations, you deserve the recognition. I have a paultry number of followers compared to you but I appreciate each of.them. May your numbers soar. Blessings, lydia


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