Day 198 of 365

Day 198 – so I’m a girl who never saved. I’m not much of a spender either. You see I’m on a very low income with two children. My kids always comes first.

A few months a ago I set up payments weekly for old bills to become again debt free. Slowly but surely my bills are being paid. My confidence with money growing.

Then I did the unimaginable thing. I opened a savings account. The goal was to save $200 in two months to bus somewhere stay at a backpackers for a few days child and man free. A mini holiday which I’ve not had for 13 years.

Chatting with my aunty she gave me a savings idea. At the end of each day check my accounts. Say I had 43.50 in there transfer $3.50. Any thing less the $5 straight to the savings and I’m proud to say I have reached $125.43 in 4 weeks.

I’m proud because I didn’t think it was possible, didn’t know I could do it. The fact I’ve not touched my savings. And me and my kids haven’t missed out on anything and don’t miss the money from my normal budget.

However now I face a mini dilemma lol do I continue on my holiday goal which I so desperately need. Or do I up my goal and really challenge myself to by the camera I’ve dreamt off?

Decisions decisions lol either way people I have savings yay


24 thoughts on “Day 198 of 365

  1. A rule of thumb with money is always to pay yourself first, put something in your savings to start. And you’ve proved you can do it.

    Me, I’d by the camera and keep saving for the mini-vacation, that way when you do get your vacation you’ll have the camera you want to capture it.

    I really enjoyed reading this!

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  2. I think that it’s always best to follow through with an original goal…
    the quality of an image is not related to the quality of the camera
    and you may find the vacation rejuvenating.

    And you may find that the confidence of completely following through with your plan will make it even easier to save for the

    Then again everything I just wrote can be completely wrong for you..:)

    Either way, congratulations!!


  3. There is something addictive about seeing savings begin to pile up. Perhaps, if that’s appealing to you, then go for the more expensive camera right now…like the respondent above pointed out… would then have camera to capture pix on your much-anticipated holiday! Either way, this is a win-win situation thanks to your self-control and forward thinking…..well done!

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  4. Well done on the savings! Like others have pointed out – both goals are achievable and both goals will bring you some happiness.
    I do like the idea of having a camera to take snaps of your holiday though!!


  5. first step is the important step. very good. i think you should go for camera first and then holiday, by this you will be able to capture every small thing of your life which gives you happiness.


  6. Very inspiring story! Good for you on starting to save money. Sounds like you’re off to a great start. Once you build the habit, it will become easier. Which would I buy – the camera or the vacation? Definitely the camera first, then save for the trip, but that’s me. You’ll make the right decision for YOU!


  7. Wow great going. Having savings gives you some sort of peace knowing that you have something to fall back on just in case.. Keep it up and increase it as you go along


  8. You’ve proven you can do it, now the decision is yours to make. Either way it will be the right one, because it will be the one that YOU decided on, to do with the money that YOU saved. Enjoy.


  9. I vote with saving the surplus for the cameras and taking your time away. You need sacred time alone to be by yourself and to recharge your batteries. By doing so, you return home fortified, filled with peace and able to be fully present and at peace with your family. Congratulations on achieving your goals. Blessings, lydia


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