Day 202 of 365

Day 202- hair dye is my positive. In the past if I’ve felt down I’ll dye my hair a new colour to boost my self up. While its not worked as well as normal, my moods risen a little. What little thing do you do to boost your self up?


29 thoughts on “Day 202 of 365

  1. On a similar note, a haircut always makes me feel better;) Also, try a glass of wine and some serious grooming. I love taking a long, hot shower, shaving, doing a self-pedi, tweezing, clipping, filing, moisturizing…all while listening to my favorite songs and sipping on that glass of wine (or liquor drink, no judgment here). Feel better! xoxo



  2. Reading a new book, Starbucks chai latte, cranking up my favorite tunes, dance party with my kids, and getting my hair done. All of these things will guaranteed to boost my mood. πŸ˜ƒ


  3. I dye my hair too! Its pretty fun. When I was really bad during the summer, my hair was pink. It was a little pick me up. A nice hot bath is always nice. Books help me escape for awhile as will a movie.


  4. Something “new” whether it be hair color, nail color, shoes, piece of clothing or accessory, always boosts my spirits πŸ™‚ I especially enjoy finding inexpensive little “treasures” at thrift stores or consignment shops. Then I feel doubly good because I was a “good steward” of my dollars. And even better yet, is giving that “treasure” to someone else who would really love it πŸ™‚


  5. Writing is very cathartic for me. I also color in grown-up coloring books. Sometimes I will watch something that I know will make me cry, so I can feel the emotion.


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