Day 204 of 365

Day 204 – the simple act of receiving a text from someone I can’t get out of my mind. It came at the perfect time. As I was feeling so alone and forgotten about by many.


6 thoughts on “Day 204 of 365

  1. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how often those little messages can pop up just exactly when we need them to rescue us from a down-trodden mood, or a session of beating up on ourselves psychologically, or whatever is getting us down.

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  2. I am feeling a lone too, and when you start reading my comment neither of us is alone, no more! I am working on editing a long text, and it happen that I should change many parts of it, rewriting, that is why I am here awake for two hours, now it is already five twenty am in where I live ” eastern bank of the nile, Khartoum, Sudan if you interested to know. Any way, I just did not like you being alone, I am thinking of you. you are doing now I am sure, both of us are feeling better now, have a nice night, I guess!


  3. I know that feeling !!!! For me it almost seems like it was a kind of punishment. I could not get the hope of us getting back together out of my mind It’s been over a year since we talked but I miss him every day. I’m sure he must not miss me because he has power to fix it. Men move on faster & in My case I know he has. I have too.


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