What a joke rant ahead

My day yesterday was a joke. My anxiety was high when I had to go to town for food, I felt trapped unable to just get home when I wanted, waiting on the bus. I finally get close to home just a few minutes to walk. When I get a hi kelz. It was the new neighbours whom I’ve known for years. Wanting me over for a coffee. Feeling unable to say no I told them I’ll just drop my stuff home and be over. So I did and immediately they started drama I left as soon as possible feeling agitated.

Going to get my key from my pocket I realised with dread that they weren’t there. I had for the first time locked myself out. With the help of another neighbour I managed to break into my own home. All the time still texting that ex (much more to come from that).

The neighbour realising how agitated I was tried to calm and distract me. We sat down for a coffee when I suddenly realised instead of taking pain killers for my 3 day headache I’d instead taken my night meds. I’d never done this before.

So for the rest of the day I caught with a headache, bouts if high anxiety and trying to fend of the sleep my mind, body and pill my needed.

It was a frustrating day from start to finish. I now know I also need the be completely aware when taking my meds. It may have only been one but it sure messed with my system.

Hoping today will be easier


16 thoughts on “What a joke rant ahead

  1. I can totally relate to the inertia from anxiety which complicates the most ordinary of tasks. My prayers go up to the Lord for you. May He send His holy angels to watch over you…so glad no harm came to you during this very trying experience. ❤


  2. Yes, I too have learned the hard way about medication complaince. It happened only once but the mania came flooding back and my mind was screaming. And as for keys…they have been tethered to my belt loops for many years. A simple practise that means my keys are always with me. I feel like a kid sometimes needing this but it’s better that locking myslef out of the house.


  3. You can do it! My favorite quote is, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Hopefully that puts a smile on your face 🙂


  4. Oh my, I just did the same thing last night! I have trouble sleeping and I take a muscle relaxer. I am almost always awake at 3-4 AM. Later I found a muscle relaxer sitting on my blanket and thought, ” I took it out of the bottle but I forgot to take it!” I honestly couldn’t remember. So I took it. I sure did sleep, til 10:30. ( Blessed sleep. I often run my day of 3-4 hours sleep ) i was so ‘hungover’ I had trouble getting my eyes to focus and my lips to move. I then took my normal dose of ten mg of methadone, ( for a variety of problems ), got a cup of coffee and settled back under my covers not wanting to face the day just yet, and besides it was warm under there ) while my husband started cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. That’s his meal. His specialty ) and called up my game – Hobbit – on my Nook (which I’ve been deeply engrossed in for over a year ) and settled down to enter fantasy land and play for an hour while the effect of too much muscle relaxer wore off. Now ti’s time to eat. Have a great T-Day!


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