Feel challenged

With how to write today. So many thoughts without knowing how to say it all. Jumbled up thoughts. I’ve taken to writing with good old pen and paper lately. I’ve been writing letters to him. Ones I won’t ever send. I guess its a way of safely expressing myself without the challenge of voicing it all. This morning I woke about 6am checking the time I groaned and lay there. Wishing for sleep to come back. But thing with me when I wake I’m up. Worse when I’ve got things on my mind. I woke instantly thinking of him and his first day back at work. Wanting to text to say Hope he has good day back but did that last night. He’s meant to be calling in after work to drop something off. I’m trying to prepare myself for him not to. I know he has underestimated how full on the day will be. Working part time in mental health then a long break and straight back to fulltime hours. I guess I don’t want him to feel he has to call in. But I miss him so badly


3 thoughts on “Feel challenged

  1. The situation is very confusing. Sometimes we have so many different feelings coming together in one heart and we have no idea how to separate them or put them in words. Sometimes words are not enough!


  2. From my personal experience, I’d say that you need to find something to pour yourself into for a little while. You desperately need to get the situation off your mind. He may be more likely to come back if you give each other space to breathe. I play video games. You could go for a walk or hang out in a coffee shop and read. Or play video games? Good luck hun.


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