Opposite action

Is a dbt skill I use to use often. Basically opposite action to reaction. I did this yesterday. Wanting to curl up in bed instead I did baking. Epic fail. I cried so hard because I didn’t have the money to waste such ingredients. Fast forward. He contacted me wanting to come for a coffee. I was screaming say no just say no. Instead I agreed. After all I wanted to see him. He turned up with my favourite icecream and treat foro ur children. I could see he was stressed from work and tired and abit snappy. But over all we had a nice pretty relaxed visit. I was happier when he left. We also discussed a couple of things I thought would stop. And they aren’t.

So today I wake after dreams all night, mostly about him and I. Knowing I’m not going to see him today. Also even though he’s at work not heard from him yet. I didn’t want to do anything today. But my daughter had been asked on a playdate. So I agreed to go. Using my opposite actions. The mum tells me where we are going and my heart sinks. We are going to the park that he took us. I nearly said no. I had made a decision not to go to our favourite places again without him. This is a first. So I’ll go, get out of the house with my anxiety and try my best to have a good time. Never know I might. Right


4 thoughts on “Opposite action

  1. I will be praying for you. If you need a friend to talk to I’m here. Try taking a book or something to focus on. I’ve been through it without children though. It always helps me to stay busy working or focus on something when I’m upset to keep my mind and heart busy.


  2. I was talking with my therapist yesterday about the low number of skills I write down on my diary card each day. We theorized that I’m using a lot more of them without realizing it, and this is one I use all the time but haven’t officially been taught. Today I used it by agreeing to join a DBT group when my mind was screaming at me about how horrible it sounds.


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