One thing i did at dbt therapy

One thing i did at dbt therapy was diary cards. Seven days a week marking down skills I’d used. 1-10 on the different emotions, urges etc. Man I despised them. I tried to get out of it. Made excuses why I didn’t complete it. Then I started doing it. I realised they were a powerful tool in healing. Mostly because I needed to learn happiness and joy. It made me see progress. I’d also write notes as a reminder to why I felt that way.

Lately with feeling low again I’ve thought of them. I’ve decided to ring my old therapist tomorrow and ask if she can send me a months worth. And if after a month I don’t see a huge improvement I’ll request to be put back on the mental health system.

Im giving myself a month. Because I know I need to re prove to myself I can do this. I don’t need to have a therapist fix it. I think having a running record will give me the confidence to continue and not allow myself to get that sick again.

Time to be proactive (and I’ll be honest I do love the “in your face” feeling I get when I prove my doubters wrong.


18 thoughts on “One thing i did at dbt therapy

  1. You have made a good decision. It is a lot of work–but work well worth it. You will grow in the process and come out stronger on the other side of this speed bump in your life. The more you participate in your healing process, the better it will be for you. Actually, you will find yourself being more healthy emotionally than many others who think they are “normal.” You go, girl! I am praying for you. 🙂

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  2. Hi KelzBelz…
    I am really enjoying your blog, you write from the heart and keep it real. That comes across. It strikes me you are very passionate about life. (You may not feel that way at times, but I hear a great appetite for life)…I also LOVE that you mention about LEARNING to be happy and to experience enjoyment. This is very important and I am thrilled to hear you say it. Many of us simply did not learn it as a child, living in environments where joy and love were not the norm. So as adults we do have to learn it and the great news is, it CAN be done. It IS possible. Keep going, don’t give up and you will see positive changes in yourself and in your life!!!


  3. I have two different ones I’m using. For individual therapy it focuses mostly on the ratings and has just a box per day to write skills in. The one I was given for group therapy has ratings but we don’t use them, and it lists skills along with the days of the week to circle each time you use them. I hated this one as the skills I know aren’t all listed on there. After talking with both my therapist and a group member who showed me half a dozen different diary cards, I ended up making my own. It’s still a list with days to circle, but it lists only the skills I’ve learned so far. Each week I’ll print a newly updated one to add my new skill(s).

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