I’m enjoying my blog again

But to be honest struggling to find positive things to write about. Everything’s either dark, sad, hard things going in my life. So might take a few days break. There are positives I know but they are so small and not fitting for posts. Also don’t want to annoy people with the negative posts. So over n out for a few days everyone


43 thoughts on “I’m enjoying my blog again

  1. Sometimes it’s okay to get the negativity out – in a positive way – like writing. Just my personal opinion. πŸ™‚ I personally think there is too much sunshiny picture perfect blogs out there who need to add a dose or two of reality to them.

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  2. Oh dear. Please don’t stop writing. Even for a while ur blogs are always meaningful and I wait each day to read ur blog. May be small or a big doesn’t matter for I believe you blogs touches many souls. Its a humble request . please do not stop writing

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  3. I was just thinking this morning that it would really be neat to see more of your photography. I think it would be a good way for you to express the positive and the beautiful in your life when you cannot find the words…(just a thought)…<3

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