Open up

I feel foolish. As some are aware I deleted Facebook due to being harressed on there. I also got threatening messages. Part of the reason I ended it with him. As they threatened him in the messages to. Well finally got courage to tell him. Turns out he was getting messages to. Not sure who from. But basically trying to get me to back off. I let it eat me up worrying something may happen to him. Knowing he had enough going on I didn’t want to upset him or add more to his list of worries. He was more supportive then I expected. I guess I assumed he’d get upset or angry. He didn’t. Told me my choice, he doesn’t want me to be or feel threatened by anyone. Moral of the story speak up and don’t face battles meant to be shared not alone.


17 thoughts on “Open up

  1. facebook is rough. I would rather fight my own battles. Then I know who I am fighting. Builds character too. Woman have typically missed the joy of battle on their own. My man will not be fighting mine for me. He’ll have another one to fight. he can watch and sometimes advise but never fight them. I don’t fear doing anything on my own. I find closure better when I don’t fear.

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