As the sadness threatens

As the sadness threatens to overwhelm me I fight to stay afloat. Small tasks feel huge. The simple acts. Still I fight on. Taking care of my home and children. All the while falling apart at the seems. Tears brimming. Hands shaking. Jumping at every noise. My mind buzzing with thoughts I can’t shift. Trying to find the positives. Longing for my happiness.

36 thoughts on “As the sadness threatens

      • every six years huh? – so you’re due for another one then

        I guess you’re in that awful state where you can’t think of what you want, what might make you happy . . . patience is the thing, I guess. Things can change. Just try to notice if they do try to change . . . try to be there if there are some happy times . . .this is crap, I’m sorry. I hope there are better times ahead.

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      • Lol oh heck no. No more babies for me made sure of that. I have my two and two i consider mine. More then i ever thought id have. Yip your right. There are things i want but have to accept i wont have. Guess at that stage if trying to figure it out. Thanks me to


  1. I feel you. You are down, but the next up is coming. Everything has its time, maybe it is just time for feeling blue, sad, alone, hurt…
    Thank you for sharing what goes through your mind. I can relate often, and this is soothing.

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  3. I suffer from depression and can relate to this completely. I hope the cloud lifts soon. It’s great that your writing provides you an outlet for what you’re going through. I have found that a combination of therapy, holistic living, and medication to work wonders for me. On another note, thank you for this post. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding mental health issues and it’s refreshing to see individuals rise above that stigma.

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