A week of no facebook

Bit of an update. Its been just over a week with no Facebook. Its going pretty good no real urges to go back on there, which in a way surprises me. One thing that’s frustrating is when you delete your account it becomes scheduled for deletion two weeks later. So makes it tough not to just sign back in.

I was pleased I couldn’t get anymore nasty messages or threats. Until my cell phone went of this morning. Another nasty one. This time it ended with go kill yourself.

I contacted a few people to see if they knew the number but no one did. I rung the local police. Explaining the online and cellphone messages. They said to bring phone into the station. But would only advise me to change my number as that message didn’t actually threaten me only nasty.

So as soon as I get paid I’ll go and get a new sim and change my number. I hope this stops it as the person sending them knows a lot about me and my ex. I don’t know who it is or why they are doing it. To be honest its got me scared.

But I’m doing the right thing again, not responding to them. Now not only have I got rid of Facebook, I’m changing my number, keeping close to home and limiting talking to anyone. I’m doing the best I can yet still my past is dragged up in the worst way with my attempts.

Come on universe cut me some slack


51 thoughts on “A week of no facebook

  1. Man, people really make me angry sometimes. I am sorry you are going through this. Just know that the person harassing you has a lot of ‘not so good’ karma coming… Hang in there… sending many blessings your way!

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  2. People who do that sort of thing are cowards and sociopaths. I can imagine it’s hard to ignore them but that’s all one can do, unless going the extra step, as you are doing, and changing your numbers, etc. I have been reading a bit on bpd… ouch! My mother committed suicide at 46 years and she suffered from chronic depression. Conversely I am one of those people with a very low emotional level and I know nothing about depression – absolutely nothing. Sure I went through the BS stuff as a teen, but that’s fairly normal hey? Now, life is what it is, and it isn’t something else. I call it “self-empowerment” and I have a “mantra” to go with that: Expect the worst and you’ll never be disappointed. Sounds crazy but it actually works, since this is a pretty screwed up world. When you “expect the worst” you don’t take chances, cover your ass all the time, and you don’t trust anyone, anything, any system and you have no expectation that could lead to disappointment. Sounds like paranoia but it really isn’t. I like reaching out, helping people, but with no expectation that they will respond in kind, or even appreciate it. Sorry, rambling. Take the best care o’ you that you know how to do, and that’s the best you can do. I wish you the best.

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  3. Whoever is going out of their way to verbally attack you online and over the phone is such a whimp. How hard is it to bully someone via internet and text? It’s not hard at all because it does not involve face to face or what seems to be in your case is even knowing who this person is. This person is more than likely, someone you know- on some level. So it’s a good thing that you’re taking a break from facebook. Don’t respond to anything they say, send,etc.. nothing. Don’t acknowledge what they’re doing on any social media. Keep a log of every message, call, any form of contact. Keep what it says/said, (esp. if they threaten you), the number, and the date of the contact. The reason you should do that is this; Whoever this is, is being a piece of shit from a distance. Unless you find a note on your car or at home, when you call the police (and you should for safety), you’ll have a list of stuff that you’ve been dealing with which will help give the police some help in finding the jerk-off harassing you. However- It’s not likely. It’s why they’re choosing to do this the way they are.
    I know it may seem hard, but don’t let this stop you from living your life, doin’ your thing. And don’t let them get to you. This person is some miserable fake fuck. They know you on some level. Whether they know you personally or through online/ social media- they know you and there’s something about you that they want to hate, are jealous of, something petty. They have no life. So they do shit like this.
    I once had someone harassing me through tumblr, twitter, and facebook “anonymously” They even went as far as to steal my picture and post it on sites trying to humiliate me. I got blocked calls, blocked text messages even. Finally, this persons friend contacted me through tumblr to tell me who was harassing me (I would tweet and write about this weirdo hating me from afar). It was someone I knew. Someone who went out of her way to harass me online and bad mouth me to anyone she could. She was jealous of who I was in a relationship with.
    People can be shitty, but don’t let any one treat you this way.
    It’s not about what you should or shouldn’t expect from life or the universe. It’s about living your life without in fear of something or someone.
    I wish you all the best!!

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  4. Here’s my problem with saying you’re doing the right thing.
    Due to some bullying, this person now has you:

    *Off social media
    *Detached from loved ones
    *Getting a new number which is an inconvenience at the very least.
    *Being antisocial

    Now, part of the whole human experience is to learn, live, grow. If you don’t take risks, you never learn, if you don’t try then you also never know the experience of true happiness and really live, and when you learn and live- you can grow and develop a wonderful character.

    Now, I don’t fully know your situation, and I would never tell anyone to put themself in harms way. But as a general rule, Don’t let one or a few people push you around. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and push back. That doesn’t have to be literally. Like, publish the # of the person that’s bullying you online and let some friends help you by calling the # too and fighting fire with fire. I had an ex that harassed me as well and would have his friends call me/message me etc. They would call me every name in the book, finally one day I got fed up and published EVERY single one of their names, numbers, and addresses online. Honestly, it was the best thing I ever did because they ALL left me alone when they received the same treatment.

    Sometimes people just need a dose of their own medicine.

    Now, I’m not saying that stepping away from social media or changing your number aren’t healthy lifestyle changes, but do it for the right reasons.

    Hope that’s some encouragement for you. Good luck.

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    • Doesnt look so good putting it that way. I dont believe itll lead to my safety being issue but am prepared in case. Im trying to be careful and keep my mental health ok to. Balancing act which is lead to me backing off from the world. I more then appericate your comment and encourgement it means alot

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      • As a self proclaimed hermit of sorts, i’m usually the last person to doll out advice in terms of social interaction, however, i’m a hermit by lifestyle choice. Not because i’m afraid of the outside world or because i’m hiding from anyone. I do it because it’s relaxing, comfortable, and easy. There are few comforts or easy roads in this life. I try to take them when I can spare the chance without missing out on positive human opportunities. Keep in mind, being a hermit (seclusion whether physically or socially shut off from the world) is a mental state too. It has many negative and adverse side affects you may not notice until someone like me comes along and starts pointing it out. Don’t tread lightly. Do some research on it (seclusion).

        But, at length I understand the balancing act. I’ve struggled for years with BPD: manic depression bouts, high anxiety, severe highs, manic anger. All that jazz. It’s the roller coaster of personality disaster. Just stop and put yourself on the outside of it to see where you’re at. It can lead you to where you want to be.

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  5. Oh no! Someone just harassed me on Facebook and posted something in my name using my profile picture and pretending it was from me. I lost “friends” who believed it was me. Then the person in question openly threatened & insulted me in a group I didn’t have access to because they had blocked me before. Facebook helped & removed the posts/messages (after 4 days) but I know the person is likely to start again. I thought about quitting Facebook as well. I don’t know why some people feel the need to be nasty without any reason. I hope you are ok and this never happens to you again.

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  6. First of all, I’m so sorry that you are going through such an awful experience. No one should have to experience being harassed and bullied. I’m not sure what cell phone company you have, but you can always have that number blocked through your carrier. You shouldn’t have to change your life because of someone’s nasty actions. Cell phone carriers can see the number of the person who called even if on your end it shows up as “unknown” or “private” as long as you have the date and time of the call. There are also ways of blocking certain numbers through your phone. At least that is the case for IPhones but I imagine other phones having a similar feature. I hope your situation gets better soon and keep your head up. I know it’s easier said then done, but don’t give them the satisfaction of getting you down. Show them you’re better than them.

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