I’ve got such a strong urge to

I’ve got such a strong urge to ring you. Not text but ring and ask you to come over. I just want to lay with my back against you. Your strong arms around me. Protecting me making me feel safe. To tell me its all going to be ok. To just be together even for a short while. Feeling your heart beat listening to you breathe. No words just to feel. I need the comfort of your touch. I need you right now. And as much as I need, I know I can’t have that. Instead as I lay in bed with pillows surrounding me to feel less alone. A few tears escape as I try to muster the strength to close my eyes praying I won’t dream of you again like so many other nights.


24 thoughts on “I’ve got such a strong urge to

  1. Aww baby. Don’t feel this way. Do something to get your mind off this. You’ll find someone else in no time. I know it’s hard to put on a good face and keep positive when these things are happening, but life is unfair like that – but at least in the end it awards us with many more happy days and joys we couldn’t have even dreamed of before. “So chin up, princess, your crown’s falling.” I don’t know about you, but I find this quote truly inspiring.


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    • Ive tried for two years to get my mind off him. I even tried to date. But my hearts with him has been for four years. I work through to manage and he comes back and i let him. This time he told me hes still head over heels in love with me and always has been. He has issues to. Put his walls up from me and the world. Breaking my hearts because the contact we have had shows hes very unhappy to


      • At the risk of sounding harsh, I don’t think he matters in this equation. YOU matter, and your happiness matters. He doesn’t matter. YOU are BETTER off without him, because an on-and-off “relationship”, if we can even call it that, is NOT a relationship. You have to stop letting him back in I think. You’re not in love, you’re just attached as many of us are to things that they cannot have. But they always get burned in the end and they’re always left unhappy. I don’t care if he has issues. You shouldn’t either. The only thing you should care about is your happiness. Sorry for the long comment, I am really passionate about topics relating to romantic partnerships/relationships, etc. I hope you make it through and sorry if I came off abrasive. I wish you all the best in all honesty. xoxo

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