Little update for those whom

Little update for those whom have shared experiences and support. Touch wood I don’t jinx myself. But two days and no more threatening messages. I put the word out there that I’d contacted the police regarding hateful, harassing and down right threatening messages. Said I found it pathetic and childish. That I’ve always faced problems head on. Through meeting person and discussing like adults over a coffee. If it can’t be resolved go separate ways. If resolved great.

That the person or persons must have a sad life to hide and threaten. That their jealously is a joke. Either to be a coward or step forward.

So far so good. Keeping fingers and toes crossed. Also keeping very aware. I’m bluffing whom ever it is in the sheer hope it works.


14 thoughts on “Little update for those whom

  1. It was just this morning that I was browsing my WordPress Reader and thinking to myself that this community was so friendly and a wonderful group to be a part of – im so sorry this happened to you!

    I truly do believe in positive karma – as you said, by being strong and mature about the situation you know you can walk away from this situation confident that you dealt with it correctly. Its actually very sad for the people who sent you those messages – when this all ends they have to carry on being crap because thats who they are, whereas you still get to be you – which is awesome!

    Stay strong πŸ™‚

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