Happy birthday my darling daughter

This time six years ago I was in labour with my precious baby. Its was a touch and go pregnancy and I just wanted her born safe. At 10:34am I welcomed my blue eyed blond beauty into this world. Like most parents I was in awe. Especially introducing her to her big brother. Just me and two children. Before her daddy (not bio father but daddy) and two step brothers came along just before she turned two. Apple of her daddys eye. She took to music as he taught he what he knew. She has her mamas spunk and creativity. Loves music and art more then dolls. Her sass and spunk make for a fun challenging young girl. But when her other side comes out it balances showing her kind nature. Weather rubbing someone’s arm checking they are ok or sweet words she says in her sleep. I’m lucky to have her for everything she is. Today she us six my big birthday girl. I love her so dearly and hope she has the best day possible xox


25 thoughts on “Happy birthday my darling daughter

  1. forgive my stupidity,bt i think u r caucasian,du lyk eye colour as children of ur race grow up.i.e im african my dad has brown eyes mine were black as a child but as i was approaching 30,my eye colour started to change to brown.


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