Have you ever laid eyes on

Have you ever laid eyes on a complete stranger. And thought to yourself that’s him. That’s the person you never knew could stir such emotion. Wanting that person in your life. Not knowing or caring weather they were educated or not. Was rich or poor. Knowing nothing about them. Yet knowing that at that moment you had walked into the life of someone you wanted for the rest of your life. I did once upon a time. I still look at him the same. Except now I know the baggage hopes dreams and desires. It still feels the same I meet him and want to spend my life with him


28 thoughts on “Have you ever laid eyes on

  1. Yes, I know exactly what this is like, only I discovered it during an instant messaging conversation many moons ago. 🙂 Still feel that way about him, too. 😉

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  2. Three times…all but one were NOT good. The third was something that just could not be long-term, but was sweet and our friendship lasted until he died. So sorry, it is hard, but sometimes we have to figure out how to get past these things. Good luck!

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  3. Yep and then I married him. It is a bumpy road. He’s a river, I am a path and we don’t always work, walk or even be at the same place,pace and time. But he has given up trying to make me be in his river, or perhaps I was just enabled to say with some very good support and a decision made and not gone back however tempting, I usually manage to catch myself in time and remind myself why I made that decision in the first place. Ain’t always easy…be kind to yourself

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  4. Happened with me once. Ironically i had been dating for almost 6 years then. But then that day i saw him, and i was like – holy fuck why do i feel so funny, why do i feel so silly?

    And u know what..worked like that for both of us.

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