Fab feb day 27

Fab feb day 27

Well today is day 28 I’ve miss a post or labeled one wrong. I’m proud I’ve completed my Fab feb positive challenge. I’ve discovered so many happy positive things. Now to decide what I’m going to do next month 🙂
Any ideas 🙂


Ive been pretty well distracted lately in here. My poor blog has been a bit neglected. Haven’t had a chance to respond to comments so will catch up over the weekend.

My world has been so different this week. I’ve been surrounded by kindness, fun, excitement. Having someone spoiling me is incredible. Its clearly something that’s never happened to me before. I’m loving it. I’m trying not to be scared of the unknown and attention. Trying not to wait for the balloon to pop. The little things are so huge to me. Running me a bath. Foot rubs. Taking me on a date (more on that later). A real date. I’ve not been on a date forever. Beautiful compliments. So much more.

Who knew I’d meet someone who would show me so many firsts. Make me feel special. Like a princess.

Fab Feb day 26

Fab Feb day 26

My daughter had swimming sports today. So proud watching her after being scared to put her face in the water. She was so happy to see so many people cheering her on 🙂

Please join me

I had an idea. Would love for you to all join me. Now I will warn you it may be hard, might feel vulnerable, scary. But it may also be freeing.

Its in a sense yip I’m being noisy but for a reason.

No.1 I’d love to know if you have a mental illness if yes which one/s?

No.2 what is your top tip (only one) that helps keep you sane?

Now I’m not going to tell you just yet why I’m asking this so please bare with me.

And since noone likes going first I will.

No.1 I have BPD (borderline personality disorder) anxiety and ocd. I have suffered PTSD and depression.

No.1 my number tip is a bath. Weather it be a quick 10 minute one. With or with out bubbles or smellies. It relaxes me, my muscles, can help me sleep. Also time out. As my children. Know bath time is mummy time.

I hope you join me