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Right. I’m a little annoyed. This blog is mine. Its my way of expressing what I want and need to. Its been A great tool. So I want to be straight up. I have nearly 13,000 followers. Now I’d say 95% are great. Full of support and encouragement. Then there’s the 5% who are doing my head in.

I know I can’t spell and my grammar isnt good. I don’t need to have either corrected for me. Like seriously come on who really cares if its your, you’re or you are. I’m not at school. And won’t be treated as I am.

I also write a lot on here. I’m no poet nor writer. I write how I feel and when I feel it. I don’t follow a pattern or rules nor will I change this.

I am aware after all I single handily run this blog that I go through tough times. Am mean to myself sometimes etc. It means a lot to have people liking and comment. What I don’t need is some people going through my blog telling other followers that they should or have to send me nice comments. If someone wants to comment that’s great. If not that’s ok to.

So basically to sum up. If you want a perfect blog this isn’t for you. If you want to down me or how even what I write. Same thing. I don’t need pity or to be babied. If you want to comment great. I will not be told how or what to feel. I am allowed to feel what I do.

As you were and thank you to those who see this blog for what it is and are still wanting to follow.


86 thoughts on “My blog my way

  1. Now thats the attitude u should have. Afterall this is ur space to share ur thoughts . yes people sometimes are being critical about our writing. But what we should concentrate more on is , is our msg rightly conveyed . that u r doing it. Be same . forge ahead .
    Good luck

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  2. You tell them girl. I hate the ones who tell you what you should write about too. I told one follower straight, that if she wants to write her own blog then do it but never tell me what to write. Don’t hear from her anymore but interestingly, she is still following me. Its so rude. Who cares if you can spell etc. It’s what you write about that expresses who you are that’s what’s important.

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  3. Grammar nazis should keep it shut, or simply doing it themselves.
    Actually you did inspire me to start writing (not under the name you see here) down my thoughts and post them… it’s self-therapy 🙂

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  4. You had me at annoyed—!
    I came to your blog because you stopped by mine and saw this as your first example of your writing and I was enchanted. For those of us that dont spell to good and whose grammar ain’t the best I look forward to reading more of your work.

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  5. Well you are a poet and a writer. You have a real art for telling your story in just a few meaningful sentences. This is no small thing. You have genuine talent and your appreciative audience attests to this. Well said as always and a round of applause from me! Have a top week. 😊👏👏

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  6. People that feel the need to correct others do it for two reasons and two reasons only: 1.) They care and only want the best for you. But true caring steps in when time and place are understood. 2.) The other reason is because they are trying to direct attention from their own flaws. And it’s my personal opinion that 99.968793% of people who correct others fall into this category.

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  7. Bravo! Only following recently, but hoped you would stand up like you have! While some may be uncomfortable with personal sharing on blogs, they should go somewhere else or at best, keep their thoughts to themselves! Yes, it is your blog!

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    • Aw thank you i agree my blog can be intense and full on with what i choose to share and if people arent comfortable with it they free to not follow. Part of me really wants to share my personal journal on here, but itll give the trolls a heartattack lol


  8. I love the statement at each point! I am also totally with you regarding the part of spelling and grammar since English is not my first language. That’s not what your blog is about and it simply doesn’t matter. Just keep it up!!!

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  9. Your blog is for you and you only, and you can write about whatever it is you want, and how you want. I’ve gotten stuck in other blogs where I found myself editing what I wrote because of who might read it, which then it stopped being therapeutic for me because I wasn’t expressing myself completely.
    I’m glad you’re going to keep doing what you want because no one can tell you what you can or can’t do on here.

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  10. Commenters are actually correcting your spelling and grammar?! That’s just rude. My response when someone snootily corrects me is, “And how exactly does that change what I just said?”

    And you have nearly 13,000 followers?! That’s awesome!


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  12. Well said. Couldn’t agree more. When I read stuff I don’t care about grammar and punctuation, it’s the message that matters, and as long as it comes across that’s plenty good enough for me. As for poems, I don’t know anything about technique, like you I just write what works for me, and if people like it then great. If they don’t then fine too. But, like you, I can do without nitpicking. Ok so I know I put it out there and it’s public and people can say what they like too, and I need to be able to take that, but when it’s heartfelt stuff, they should be kind.
    After all, we’re not professionals trying to sell something, we’re just saying what we feel.
    Great work all round.


  13. Completely agree. Many people have a habit of pocking nose without being meaningful. I have faced it a few times. It good to get feedbacks but not the senseless once. Someone said me “you blogs are a mix of everything. What are u trying to do here”. I dnt know what that means. I write about gadgets, books, aliens, dinosaurs and what not. Its my blog and I have the right to write what I want. Kudoz to u for writing a blog on this.

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  14. Can I have eight of your followers? Could you spare 12 maybe? How about three? I’m #YouMutha for crying out loud and the only way I seem to be able to get followers if I get in The car with my personal dummy, Jill Gatsby, get on the 405 freeway at 7 o’clock… And then look behind me! Voila! Look at all my 13,000 followers!


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